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Feedback Friday – May 24

from Dollar Vigilante:

Dear TDV,

You have overlooked one small point. Any country you choose unless they speak English you are screwed for being part of the country’s business community. I live in Thailand and it is exceedingly difficult to do business. 

Not impossible. Please tell your young member this point.

Roger H.

Jeff’s Response:

Hi Roger,

You bring up a point often brought up by those who expatriate to foreign cultures.  I agree and I disagree with your comments.

First though, let me state this.  Absolutely, unequivocally, if you go to a foreign culture and don’t speak the language at least at a basic level, you will obviously be highly disadvantaged.  The same can be said for anywhere. A person from Bhutan and who only speaks Dzongkha (the national language of Butan) who goes to the US and wants to create any significant business venture other than opening a traditional Bhutanese restaurant will be met with nothing but failure. If you can’t actually speak with 99%+ of the local population, your chances of being successful in business are zero to none. That’s the bad news.

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