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Feedback Friday

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:


Dear TDV,

I’m a student at UW-Milwaukee, set to graduate with my bachelors in Organizational Administration in May 2014. I’ve decided that I don’t want to pursue an MBA as originally intended. Where can I learn truth instead?

Kim D.

Jeff’s Response:

Nice call!  A Masters of Business Administration!  I really can’t believe anyone thinks that has any value to begin with.  Having started up and operated dozens of business I can give you a Masters of Business Administration in one sentence: Find something people want and find a way to offer it to them either more cheaply or in an improved form… or both.

I’m not sure what other people are spending six years learning.  Oh yeah, 90% useless information and 10% about how to operate a business in fasco-communist police states like the US.  How to fill out government forms.  How to adhere to their accounting methods so you can pay them their tax.  How to deduct the mandatory payroll taxes and Obamacare payments.

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