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EXCLUSIVE: Inside an Underground Refrigerated Food Storage Facility

from MarkDice:

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11 comments to EXCLUSIVE: Inside an Underground Refrigerated Food Storage Facility

  • johns

    My brother told me about these when he drove a truck for a distribution company. He’s been inside these.

  • Douglas Stone

    Some FEAR PORN brought to you by Dark Mouse. Oh wait isn’t this the what Dark Mouse accused Alex Jones of?

    Dark Mouse needs your money …. and your attention.

  • Chuck

    I’ve been in one of these in the Kansas City area, and you don’t need any special clearance to go in. Many companies store their goods in the caves for the climate control and even protection from tornadoes and other severe weather. It’s cheaper than building large warehouses above ground.

    • Douglas Stone

      Precisely. These are commercial facilities, this may be why Dark Mouse did not show us a close up of labels or talk to anyone or show the entrance.

      If it were a classified area it can and would be kept secure, all of you who have a military secret clearance or above know what I am talking about.

  • zippy

    Great video, very informative. I now know everything I need to about this subject.

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