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Everyday Tyranny

by Mark Percario, Global Wealth Protection:

It began this morning.  I am an amateur musician, and play as part of a guitar duo at a local restaurant in town.  The restaurant purveyor sent sad news this morning that live music would have to be put on hold, at least until the construction in front of their building is complete – possibly a year.  My musical partner and I had been playing there regularly (every three weeks) for over a year, but not anymore. Not since the local city decided to tear up the road, sidewalk and parking area in front of a favorite spot of ours and many others.  Here is a quote from the email I received this morning –

They have started construction on our part of Main Street and it’s pretty bad….and going to get worse before it’s gets better.  Within a week, we won’t have any parking spaces, patio and sidewalk.  This is going to impact our business tremendously and I can only hope for the best. 

“Once everything is finished (could take a year) and if we have survived, I hope Dos Guitars will once again play”

“If we have survived” – pretty sobering.

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