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Eugenics Loving Queen’s Vomit Inducing Speech: Monarch to Get ₤5 MILLION Pound Raise as Brits Tighten Belts

[Ed. Note: Over 700 servants, 6 lavish residences… more for them, less for you serf-like Brits.]

from Russia Today:

The UK is staying committed to measures that reduce the country’s deficit – the British Queen has laid out her government’s agenda for the next year. In her speech she said it will work to promote a fairer society to reward those who work hard. However what may sound a little unfair for austerity-hit Britain, is the news that the royal family’s set to get a 5-million-pound pay rise.

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5 comments to Eugenics Loving Queen’s Vomit Inducing Speech: Monarch to Get ₤5 MILLION Pound Raise as Brits Tighten Belts

  • serf-like Brit esq.

    Not very informed about the United States’ short history Ed. Perhaps you could help me answer the following questions. Who exactly was responsible for the extermination of 59,200,000 native Americans in the last 200 years and how are the surviving 800,000 getting along?

    • chris

      yes serf, …but what about those Indians? I’m pleased you are willing to assist. Can we expect your time, or a check (cheque). You just sound like some smug prick lashing out (and quite irrationally so) in any direction because you did not like a comment against the queen.
      As for why the editor should be giving low brow folk lessons on American history? I think you could get a book and find a forum. Again, thank you for your concern for American natives. I hope that extends to African natives and Indian indians, both widely slaughtered by the british. How are all those dead French going? let’s not start on the Irish and scottish… or the Australian Aborigine, who now pretty much don’t exist at all.

  • MATT

    ah! woman with 5 million dollar hat tells her servants to tighten their belts..Does anyone still believe a monarchy is relevant these days?

  • johns

    “Who Are These People” ????????? 5mil PAY raise???? LMAO…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yes, “The SLAVE QUEEN”….. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!!! Surely someone over there has a sturdy tree to donate for the spectacle.

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