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Embry – This May Create A Massive Upside Breakout In Gold

from KingWorldNews:

John Embry asked the question, why should gold and silver investors worry? He then told King World News about a key situation which may create a massive upside breakout in gold. Embry also commented on the massive global physical demand for the metals.

Embry: “What I am focused on right now is this whole paper gold market and the fact that the gold in the banking system has been hypothecated and rehypothecated so many times that nobody knows who owns what.

We’re seeing more and more evidence that the market is getting tighter and tighter, and I believe there will be a run on physical gold because of this. When these various people and entities find out they don’t really own the gold they think they do, there is going to be an amazing reaction….

Jim Sinclair continues @

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4 comments to Embry – This May Create A Massive Upside Breakout In Gold

  • 8Ball

    Qualifiers… “which may” Maybe next May, John.

  • Frank Zak

    I estimate gold is worth $5,000 right now.
    I expect it to hit $1000 first.

    I estimate silvers real value at $15 an oz. right now.
    It would of course tag after gold, but has
    no fundamentals. It’s all hype, but hype can make you money.

  • Tim

    Will Eric King ever stop this stuff?

  • Glitter 1

    I estimate that CA Real Estate is actually worth 50% less than what it is selling for right now, but expect it to rise 25% before it settles back towards it’s true value.

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