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Elite Retreat: Now Chinese Leaders Plot a Freedom Reformation!

from The Daily Bell:

China Plans to Reduce the State’s Role in the Economy … Beijing has signaled that, even though the economy is weakening, there is unlikely to be a major government stimulus package this year. The Chinese government is planning for private businesses and market forces to play a larger role in its economy, in a major policy shift intended to improve living conditions for the middle class and to make China an even stronger competitor on the global stage. In a speech to party cadres containing some of the boldest pro-market rhetoric they have heard in more than a decade, the country’s new prime minister, Li Keqiang, said this month that the central government would reduce the state’s role in economic matters in the hope of unleashing the creative energies of a nation with the world’s second-largest economy after that of the United States. – New York Times

Dominant Social Theme: Freedom is never necessary … except when we decide it is …

Free-Market Analysis: So now we come to understand how the ChiCom leaders intend to get out of the trap that they themselves have constructed and set.

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