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Devastating tornado in Oklahoma begs the question: Why don’t schools and families build tornado shelters anymore?

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

A mile-wide tornado with 200mph winds tore through the suburbs of Oklahoma yesterday, killing 51 people and broadcasting a rude reminder of the fragility of human life and human civilization. Here at Natural News, our hearts go out to the family members of those killed in the storm, and we hope some lessons can be learned from this that will save other lives in the future.

But wait a second, you can’t stop a tornado, right?

Of course you cant. But you can prepare for a tornado, and here’s where we get into a discussion that the mainstream media won’t dare touch because it’s not “politically correct” to have an intelligent discussion about any of this.

But here’s the question we need to ask if we’re going to save lives: How many of those who were killed in the tornado knew there was a tornado warning in place but did nothing to move to a safe shelter? Obviously this question doesn’t apply to all the children who were killed, as they are not responsible for their own actions. (Their parents are.) But how many adults actually took the tornado warnings seriously and sought adequate shelter?

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1 comment to Devastating tornado in Oklahoma begs the question: Why don’t schools and families build tornado shelters anymore?

  • twomidgetsonahorse

    (deep breath) Where to begin? Darwin is certainly going to be busy handing out awards in the following few days for sure. While Mike poses a very good question I would like to pose IMHO an even better one. If you know you live in an area that is prone to frequent natural disasters why do you live there? the same question applies to those who went through hurricane Katrina,Rita,Andrew etc. It seems to me, I may be dim in my thinking but, that if you know with almost 100% surety that within a few years you might be losing everything you built and saved and cherished (lives included) would you not do everything in your power to get out of the path of the natural disaster?
    Financial costs alone in rebuilding and increased insurance rates for everyone not just the disaster victims would indicate these areas to be “inhabit at your own risk”. I can fully understand the intangibles of living where one chooses to live intrinsic beauty, closeness to family or job etc but all of that aside if it can all be swept away in an instant what is the point of having to endure that sort of loss? The earth is an ever changing dynamic living organism and no one can point to any one location on the planet and say with absolute confidence “this is a safe place to live” but given the track record of certain areas of the US we can see the patterns
    in the yearly data. One need look no further than the past few years to see the ever increasing intensity of storms like this latest one. They happen more often in greater numbers with greater severity. We as rational( I hope) thinking individuals can expand our thinking out to see where the trend is going in relation to this increasing weather severity. Moms nature always bats last and regardless of how well one prepares storm shelter or not she’s going to find a way to get you.

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