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Demand for Physical Gold and Silver is Extraordinary, Bail-Ins Inevitable and More: James Turk

by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:

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3 comments to Demand for Physical Gold and Silver is Extraordinary, Bail-Ins Inevitable and More: James Turk

  • Frank Zak

    It is interesting how Robert Kiyosaki ushered
    in the era of mindless investing on PBS TV.
    He himself, all along, getting wealthy on buying cheap
    apartment buildings and creating cash flows.

    Now he has major scandals with shysters doing his
    seminar business, while he contends he can’t
    control them, such as when they tell you
    to take $100,000 out on your credit card and
    buy silver.

    Now he is saying mindless investing is not good,
    such as stacking at any price.

    My generation saw silver go from
    $50 in 1980 to $4 shortly after.

    Now, deja vu, this generation has learned their

    Not once does Rokert K. or Mike Maloney tell
    you silver is grossly overproduced, or that silver
    is not money.

    Instead they tell you the banksters will loose their game
    and physical will overwhelm paper. How can physical silver overwhelm
    when it is over produced 207 Million oz a year after all coinage demand ?

    They sell you silver because there is a huge markup for them
    in selling it to you. Why didn’t they press gold as they key ?

    The buy and sell on gold eagles is only $25. They can’t make any
    money on this.

    • John Adams


      Sean too is responsible for doing this. People have lost in terms of fiat dollars and silver is not accepted by the public as money. So people have lost purchasing power dramatically.

      The “hope” is that silver will rise again. If there was truly a shortage then the price may rise but there is NO real shortage only a lack of availability of certain products due to production demand. That is vastly different from a real shortage of the metal itself. Now is that hope false and in vain… you’re saying it is… I’m saying it is certainly possible.

      I think having some gold and silver is sensible as they have been valuable throughout history but it will do nothing to stop your freedom from being taken away by the systems of governments under the control of the Jewish agenda. Whilst getting poisoned by GMOs, vaccines, water supplies, pesticides, fracking, aerosol chemicals and a police state of terror with drones attacking citizens. Gold and silver do nothing to guard against a these threats.

  • Frank Zak

    Rhodium is amoung the rarest of all PGM’s
    only 24 tons mined per year. It was at $10,000
    an oz and now at $1125. There is a 15 % gap between
    buy and sell. They make this in bars now.

    See CNI in Los Angeles for buy and sell back prices.

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