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Dear Citizen: We Want it All

by Pater Tenebrarum,

The ‘Fair Share’

Whenever a politician appeals to either his fellow citizens’ patriotism or employs the term ‘fair’ (as in ‘fare share’ or ‘fair trade’, to name two examples), he is about to embark on a policy that is deeply injurious to same citizens. The term ‘fair’ specifically means that the rapacious paws of the State are about to be thrust deep into their wallets on some pretext. Usually it is either to ‘protect’ favored interest groups that can afford to send their lobbyists to the centers of political power, or it is a simple tax grab due to the perennial problem that treasuries are weighed down by the deficits of the past and need new sources of income to buy the next round of votes.

What is not going to happen after citizens have coughed up the share deemed to be ‘fair’ is that they will enjoy an improvement in the services they never asked for in the first place.

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