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Confirmed: Bird Flu Virus Now Airborn

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

In April of this year researches studying the H7N9 bird flu virus in China advised global governments to get prepared for the worst case scenario.

According to the World Health Organization, H7N9 is one the most lethal influenza strains ever identified because it mutates eight times faster than a normal flu virus, and according to official records, has a death-to-infection ratio of about 25%.

It was initially believed that the virus could only be transmitted to humans who have had direct contact with poultry. After 36 H7N9 deaths and 131 of infections officially reported since the virus was first identified, the worst case scenario that many feared may now be on the horizon.

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  • Troy

    If this is the case, people should have Nutronix Silver, or Natures Sunshine silver on hand…these are NANO silver particles, not the old colloidal silver….Nano is what you need. I buy 4 packs of the Nutronix 16 ounce bottles…have this on hand at all times.

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