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CME To Hit Earth May 19th

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

Todays sunspot number is 198 and NOAA estimate the chance of an M-Class flare at 75% over the next 24 hours and 50% for an X-Class during the same period.

Sunspot AR1748 has once again unleashed a flare, this time a M3 class, not the largest we have seen from this sunspot but its position on the sun disc could make it the most geoeffective so far. You can see the video of the CME leaving the Sun here.

A minor geomagnetic storm is currently in progress from the CME impact of May 18th, that one caused by a large flare two days ago.

NOAA estimate a 75% chance of geomagnetic storms when the next CME hits on May 19th.

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3 comments to CME To Hit Earth May 19th

  • How many of the worlds population actually understand, at even a basic level, what a CME can do to this planet?

    I would hazard a guess that barely 5% have any idea at all. Of that low number how many actually care?

    I would hate to be in any major population centre after the electricity (and electronic communications) grid goes down. Imagine what cities would be like a few days after the grid goes down. What about a few weeks, or a few months…….

    • Ed_B

      Can we say “Sheer panic and utter chaos”? Very few people understand the electrical, water, sewer, traffic control, and other everyday utility systems that are completely controlled electronically and then when an EMP or similar event occurs, it will destroy every unshielded electronic microchip in the area where it hits. Virtually everything that has been invented in the past 30 years will suddenly stop working. This includes all forms of transportation designed after about 1970 or whenever they switched from mechanical ignition systems to electronic ones. Newer fuel injection systems are completely computer controlled, so will be completely useless in this situation. Got an old beater-mobile that was built in the 1950s or 1960s? If so, hang on to it. It may be the only thing that can still move in your area once the electronic SHTF.

    • Glitter 1

      I understand exactly what it’s like since I lived through it in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last year.I live in Monmouth County NJ and there wasn’t an operating traffic light,gas station or bank for a week.At day #3 the chaos was mounting,especially at gas stations.Every intersection was blocked so you couldn’t cross or turn around.I drove 50 miles and couldn’t make a left hand turn,only right hand turns,not an operational traffic light,not an operational gas station except the one on the Garden State Parkway,which had hundreds of cars backed up.I don’t even want to think about something lasting longer than a week cause it will effect the supply chain at the food stores.It would be a nightmare.

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