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China’s City in the Sky

by Dan Denning, Daily

Yesterday we left off with the question of whether China’s current leadership will repeat the mistakes of the past. At stake is how to urbanise 400 million Chinese without blowing up China’s economy. Today we have the answer: build a city in the sky.

A company named Broad Sustainable Construction (BSC) will break ground next month in Changsha China. It aims to build the world’s tallest building. At 838 metres, it will be ten metres taller than the world’s current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But the height is the least ambitious aspect of this building.

Broad sustainable construction wants to put an entire city in one building. It’s a vision of what it calls efficient, affordable, and replicable urban planning. You’ll have 30,000 people living in one single structure. It will look something like the artists impression below.

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