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China Bubble or Breakout?

from Armstrong Economics:

Politicians in the USA like to point their collective finger at China for corruption problems while they sanction a legalized system of corruption that ensured the NY bankers will NEVER be prosecuted. Furthermore, in the USA, politicians receive untold millions legally funneled to them by political action committees. The PACs assure that Congress votes the way that those who provide the money want it to. Why is Goldman Sachs above the law? They bought both parties equally. Rubin took charge of the Treasury under Clinton and did away with Glass-Steagall. Paulson took over the Treasury from him and eliminated Lehman and Bear Stearns, but as soon as Goldman’s was getting shorted he outlawed short selling. Nobody in Congress will even investigate Goldman Sachs because they have their hand out under the pretense it is LEGAL.

China should just LEGALIZE the corruption like it is done in all GOOD upstanding Democracies and it will not be an issue regardless what goes on.

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1 comment to China Bubble or Breakout?

  • Slvrizgold

    Martin Armstrong, as a turncoat and sellout to his masters in return for his freedom, is just another asshole in the Shitstain category. Just scanning through I am dumbfounded by statements like “the only good form of govt seems to be benevolent dictatorships.” WTF?!?!?! How about LIMITED CONSTITUTIONAL govt like this country was founded on?!?!?

    Please eject this unimportant traitor to the curb. If he is so smart why did he spend a huge portion of his life in prison getting the crap pounded out of his skull with his creaky crappy typewriter?!? LOL This guy is another GERIATRIC SELF-IMPORTANT WANNABE know-it-all. He was just another manipulator algorithm trading jerk off. That makes him a POS in my book.

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