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Chaplain Lindsey Williams & Chris Waltzek

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Chaplain Lindsey Williams & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio

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19 comments to Chaplain Lindsey Williams & Chris Waltzek

  • Scott

    Isn’t this the same wacko preacher that said his “elite friend” told him “without a doubt John McCain will be the next President”??

    • SGT

      I certainly don’t remember him ever making that prediction – but even if he did, that makes him a “wacko” preacher??

    • Upstart

      Lindsey Williams is always worth listening to. I have always found real substance and truth in the DETAIL of his messages.

      He has always delivered wise words for the ears of wise men (and women).

      Listeners should ask themselves if they are wise enough to listen carefully, carefully enough to hear the DETAIL in his messages.

      Sadly many people do not have the wisdom, or even just the general knowledge, to pick out the invaluable nuggets of information being handed to them on a plate. Instead they just get caught up in his ‘unique’ style of delivery and obtain at best only a superficial understanding. At worst they simply say ‘wtf was that all about’, and then attck the messenger because they were too dumb to understand the message.

      Another guy who ‘ran with the elite’ back in the day is Russo, interviewed by Alex Jones. Well worth catching:

      • Glitter 1

        Russo laid it out for all to see the Fraud in our system, but the sheeple can not comprehend the truth even when it’s right in their face.You can’t get any closer to the Elite than Jay Rockefeller.Their end game is an electronic monetery system governed utilizing a biometric RFID chip implant.If you refuse the implant,you will be taken to a gulag for re-education or termination.


    Scott, maybe you didn’t have “your paper and pencils”? LOL

  • snowk

    Thanks for posting this SGT…That’s why I tune in to your site frequently — to gain a variety of alternative viewpoints.

  • ruthann

    Pleaseeee what did you all write down? You’re gonna make me listen to the whole thing? hahahah

  • Waldog

    If this guy is doing god’s work why does he not give out the information during the interview instead of buying a dvd. If he wants to “save” people be a good pastor and just spread the word for free like god would want you too.

    • scott

      Amen! Maybe God’s low on funds this month.

      • Navin Johnson

        Check his record… it’s pretty clear if you do… he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing… now go buy his dvd and let him enjoy his fleecing…

        People need to use their reason and common sense with people in the alt media… there is TONS of great information, but also TON of wolf’s acting like they are sheep… it becomes pretty clear who some of them are if you listen and watch what happens for a few years.

        The good pastor has made so many calls that are sooo wrong, then comes on a year later and says how by the grace of God he has been correct… good salesmanship, but a review of the record will show him to be a lair or senile…

        either way, probably not the best source. but dyod.

  • Jay88

    The good Chaplin is struggling to keep himself relevant in his golden years. Not to mention struggling to create a stream of revenue for his bucket list. His so-called “elite friends” who shall remain anonyms are probably either a figment of his imagination, or old drinking buddies from forty years ago when he worked as a Chaplin on the Alaska pipeline project. Seriously, what elite individual privy to the machinations of the NOW, and who is probably a liberal Communist Zionist (I repeat myself) anti-Christ baby-killing POS, would entrust global secrets to a Pastor with no pedigree other than his radio appearances, DVD and incessant name dropping. What erks me as a major annoyance is that every other sentence is, “He said Chaplin…” or “My elite friend said…”, etc. Come folks he’s just another huckster living on borrowed time. What draws listeners to him is either the Fear or the Hope that he sells. I’m not saying not to listen to him. I’m suggesting that you consider the source and take it for entertainment value. Even a cartoon character can deliver a valuable message.

  • jeff

    The comments here are really disappointing.

  • Johnny

    Frustration and negativity is in the air. Careful, it could be contagious.

  • Suzanne

    I do listen to Pastor Williams’ appearances. You can find his videos on YouTube.
    He has been pretty consistent, bearing in mind that he gets his information from people who are likely jerking him around. Yes, he does drag things out rather than getting to the point, but this is a REALLY GOOD INTERVIEW because he not only gets into it, but talks about where the elite have gone wrong and where America is going right. The elites conquered the rest of the world… UK, EU, Canada and Australia rolled over. They underestimated America because of their easy conquests elsewhere. They didn’t anticipate our outrage over gun control. They thought their smackdown of the metals was going to flush us little guys out of metals, but we kept buying while it was on sale! That is why they are ramping up their efforts. Health care is going to be the next big battlefield if we haven’t risen up by then… we will all be paying a 40% tax on our health insurance (whether private or through our workplaces)to force us into Obamacare, and Obamacare is going to cost $25,000 for the average family, while limiting access and stacking up waiting rooms. Nobody is going to put up with that.

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