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California Police Ilegally Break into Private Residence, Taze Person Filming

from Infowars:

A video depicting police from the City of Cotati, California forcing their way into someone’s home and then tazing the person filming the incident is causing an uproar on YouTube and LiveLeak.

Displaying utter disregard for the US Constitution, one of four police officers announces they will enter the home due to a domestic violence call, as the persons inside the house argue, “There is no domestic violence, just an argument with yelling,” and relay sections of the Fourth Amendment that dictate probable cause and a warrant be obtained prior to police entering someone’s home.

Around twenty seconds into the video, one of the officers is seen holstering either a firearm or a Taser.

The officer in charge next asks how many children are in the house, likely assessing the amount of psychological trauma that will soon be dealt out, before asking the persons inside the home why they’re not coming out, to which the person filming answers, “Because we don’t live in a police state, sir. Martial law has not been established in this country.”

Ignoring the person’s response, the officer tells the residents to get down on the floor with their hands behind their backs “because we’re gonna kick the door.”

What comes next is a chilling example of what could happen to anyone in any home in America if police are allowed unrestrained free rein.

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9 comments to California Police Ilegally Break into Private Residence, Taze Person Filming

  • Good Luck!

    You’re going to reap just what you sow
    You’re going to reap just what you sow
    You’re going to reap just what you sow
    You’re going to reap just what you sow

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    “due to a domestic violence call” on the one hand and on the other hand the first thing that these rogue law enforcement officers do is abuse the wife, the supposed victim of the supposed domestic violence. Perhaps I am stupid for not understanding it’s completely fine for public servants to abuse the supposed victim of supposed domestic violence.
    When, when, when are the American people going to tell rogue law enforcement to stop abusing them ?

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      When are people going to tell rogue law enforcement officers to stop abusing them? This couple just did. It will take us all.

  • WhoDat

    California is simply collapsing in on itself. They have no money, they have lost their wealth generation. Producers are leaving and the non-producers are staying. The state is simply cannibalizing itself. The legitimate parts are disappearing and they are falling into madness. How unfortunate.

  • Bill

    No wonder these types are trying to disarm the malitia’s who if they keep this up will be serious opposition to stopping this kind of BULLYING!!!people are fed up with this BS and the pot is starting to boil!

  • Newfie

    The system is too far gone. There is no turning back. Bet if one of those officers were shot, there would be 1000 officers at the funeral paid by tax dollars, and the protectors of their own home would be labeled as TERRORISTS. Nice legacy to leave your grandchildren.


    Which sounds better…….AmeriSTAN or AfghanICA?

    Because there is no longer a country once known as AMERICA…..

  • Josh

    The question becomes: when does a citizen have the right to fight back against an unlawful act? Personally, doesn’t matter if thre is a badge involved, they illegally try to enter my home, I will use equal or greater force than I feel will be used against my family. It’s time fellow Americans. It’s time for the government to fear us and know we own this country.

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