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Bush Was a Horrible Crony Nepotist, Who Favored the Super-Elite at The Expense of the Little Guy … Obama’s Worse

Obama Names Top Fundraisers to Major Political Posts

from Washington’s Blog:

Glenn Greenwald notes today:

Last week, the Obama administration announced its choice to lead the Federal Communications Commission: Tom Wheeler, who is not only a former telecom lobbyist but also a huge bundler for the Obama campaign. The New York Times Editorial Page today explains that this choice is “raising serious questions about [Obama’s] 2007 pledge that corporate lobbyists would not finance his campaign or run his administration.” It also notes that “given his background, it is almost certain that [Wheeler] raised money [for Obama] from people whose companies he would regulate, creating potential conflicts of interest.”

Last week, President Obama named another big bundler of his, the billionaire heiress Penny Pritzker, to be his Commerce Secretary; at the Nation, Rick Perlstein details just some of the interesting questions about that choice that need to be explored. At this point, the only surprising thing is that there are any more bundlers left for Obama to appoint to important administration positions.

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1 comment to Bush Was a Horrible Crony Nepotist, Who Favored the Super-Elite at The Expense of the Little Guy … Obama’s Worse

  • Iguana Green

    The NY times is hinting ( for journalistic brownie points) that the Obama Administration’s appontment of this clown might be tainted. What do you expect?
    Barrack said that he wants integrity. Yeah. Lies! It’s all lies! So horrific are the lies that sheeple actually believe them! The press, well they touch on the fact, just to give us a bone to chew and what really goes on is more corruption, lies, murder, war, and crime so large that we, the sheeple just don’t believe our president could be so evil. Like a little child lying to mommy. Obama tricks us int loving him.
    It’s OK. Things just aren’t bad enough to trigger reactions from Americans yet. prepare for it. It’s coming.

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