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BRICS Nations To DESTROY Reserve Currency Status Of DOLLAR

from jsnip4:

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4 comments to BRICS Nations To DESTROY Reserve Currency Status Of DOLLAR

  • Paul

    BRICS nations are about to break the chains of the world that we put them so long ago. They’re gonna successfully destroy the system because they’re gonna fighting it through the opposite conscience. They’re ignoring the US Dollar and walking away from it. The Dollar is debt and the opposite of that is capital. They have been stacking capital (gold) for years to back their currency. So to destroy the debt, you need capital and that’s how they’re gonna do it.

  • c.i.

    of course the us dollar will go away. not because of brics………..because of america. american boat people wanting entry into australia soon. rubbish youtube vid by the way.


    What’s wrong with this picture???? Hey, I’m all for the BRICS(by the way S= South Africa) and the effort to collapse the US dollar and back the “new” currency with gold, but the US and the powers to be, ie FED,ECB, IMF etc. seem to be making the gold flowing to the EAST, way too easy????? any comments?


    All excellent comments……Internationalist Rothschilds have set up camp in the Far East…….I believe they will be betrayed by the Chinese & get their just deserts.

    We who know the truth will be the one’s to teach others & rebuild The American Republic to greatness once again.

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