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Today’s the Day We Take a Very Symbolic AND a Very Real Stand: Break ’em — BUY PHYSICAL

[Ed. Note: Buy an ounce. Buy 100 ounces. But take a stand, buy some physical Ag and remove it from the market, and let ’em choke on their 100, 1,000, or 10,000 to 1 paper.]

from SoundMoneyCampaign:

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42 comments to Today’s the Day We Take a Very Symbolic AND a Very Real Stand: Break ’em — BUY PHYSICAL

  • chris

    I still can’t help but believe that whomever it is that’s behind this idea, including Bix wit… has ensured that may 1st will forever be the day that premiums on silver are jacked. This is not Gay Pride Day. We should be buying what we can when we can and shutting the eff up about it.

    • I’m with Chris. Ruining a good thing doesn’t seem to be in our best interest. People are waking up like crazy. Might as well let more and more of them get some silver at a discount as they’re learning about the scam.

      • CSP

        The problem with people is that they like to chase prices going up. If you want to expose the scam fast then let the price rise well pass $50 and into the triple-digit. You will then see money pouring in and everyone wants in. The physical market will stir causing shortages thus break the bullion banks. Look at how people chased Bitcoins, real estate, tech. Well, some will be awaken when they hear silver is at $100 rather than $25. They like to come into the market at the top. Well, no one to blame if they buy high and sell low.

  • Hondo Stalwart


  • Mike b

    I am in, buying an extra 15 oz on May 1

    • BUZZ

      just bought 100 Antelope from APMEX.

      I don’t care if this campaign is a scam for some to make money or not.

      Our entire financial system is a scam.
      I know that in 20 years I will be able to hand over REAL PHYSICAL SILVER to my daughter.

      I am not sure that paper dollars will be worth anything 20 years from now.

      • chris

        Okay… so you don’t care about scams. I have a bridge that runs across Sydney Harbour with great views of an Opera House. I am selling it cheap, but just for you and Waldo. My point is…. the idea of owning physical silver is brilliant… the idea of having a special day to buy, where people commit themselves before hand is plain stupid. I’m happy for your purchase and happy for your daughter. I see that Bix Weir is now saying that the people who control the pricing have dropped the price today as a ‘gift’. I’m a little tired of his brand of delusional. My view ,and I’m sticking to it, is that this campaign is manipulative and typical of the need to be errant flag waving followers. Sorry if that offends, but we are the folks who say we are ‘awake’. I put it to you that we are have not awoken, rather nudged up the ladder from ‘prey’ to ‘manipulated zombies’. Happy May Day!

  • CSP

    Logs that burn together burn hotter and brighter. If I’m going to buy some physical anyway, I can certainly wait until May 1st.


    Blythe is crapping her panties. Hehehehehe

  • Bob A

    Fast forward to min 6;00 and listen to ranting Andy get tee’d off. LOL.

  • Bob A

    That worked well, LOL. I was going to buy some 2013 kooks at APMEX, but their prices went from 30 to 33 over night. Yay May 1st. Looks like I won’t be buying, as I only buy PERTH.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    I got 100 ounces today as I did last week as I did 2 weeks ago as I intend to do next week and 2 weeks from now and so on.

  • MATT

    Seems some have a raid of their own going on..down 2.5% so far tonite!

  • Bob A

    I was thinking this was going to happen, but didn’t write it down. If one had fun money to spend on May Day, great, but hopefully no one went all in here, because a further down draft below 22 could be a coming.

    • johns

      Armchair quarterbacks are always the best….. only problem is they never get drafted…..

      Only shafted…. Good job bob.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    If this effort sucked loads more physical silver out of the pyramid scheme than usual then the effect will be places ‘sold out’ quicker than they otherwise would.

  • Anon

    Rx for America: MORE FREEDOM, LESS GOVERNMENT. It’s just that simple.

    But, it’s up to each one of us, to become as self-reliant, as possible.

  • Steve_D

    Bought 2 kilo bars. Very low inventory in my online dealer at the moment.

  • Angie

    Bought an extra 20 oz just because of this. How fun!

  • Joe

    Monarch Precious Metals has a bunch of 1 0z. Rounds for under $26.00—I got 20!

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Got another 100 ounces just now. That’s 200 for the day.

  • Mother Patriot

    Last night at midnight, my husband and I went on ebay and bought 3 silver eagles for 101 bucks. It was symbolic because we already have the silver that we decided we wanted some months ago. Our money has been going into food, water, guns and ammo, but we wanted to be a part of the solidarity of this gesture.

    Mother Patriot

    • harman kardon

      Nice hearing from you MP. Hope all is going well in your part of the world.

      Just got in from my part of the participation in the fun!! 6 Kennedy halves and 1 ASE.

      I could have exchanged for some generic rounds but wanted the impact to be felt the most by removing some ALL actual coin! I love it.

      Don’t be a stranger, I have always enjoyed your comments.

    • johns

      I’m with you MotherPatriot. Solidarity means alot to me as well even though I have plenty PM’s already. I shopped around and bought me some Kookaburros this evening since I didn’t have any of those yet.

  • ZachPrepper

    Lots of folks who first posted are eating some crow now. It has to start some where… why not here?

    • chris

      Eating crow? I’m sticking to my guns. You are just a manipulated zombie flag waving screaming follower… nothing more. It started a long time time ago and your thought that it starts here and now is typical rah rah johnny come lately nonsense. Quite offensive to anyone who has been involved for years. What this thread has proved to me is just how manipulated we are or can be when someone comes up with a stupid idea.

  • John

    2013 Silver Eagles are now going off the board on Ebay at $41-42. The 40 dollar barrier was cracked yesterday – just a small 75% premium to the fake paper price courtesy of fraudulant banksters. And, get this, 1/10 ounce silver rounds were being bid up to 15 bucks. So, those who can only get in the game on a very tiny level financially are willing to pay $150 dollars an ounce for silver.

    Keep the paper price suppressed Ben and Jamie because finally all the World is now starting to see how your paper is a fraud, the comex a joke, that your sidekicks in D.C. are puppets, that the CFTC are “yes-men”, that the economy is rigged, and that real money has always been silver and gold!

    Off to Provident to buy 100 silver Takus!


  • MATT

    if I owned a sheet load of silver/gold paper I’d be dumping it too..makes sense to me it went down today!

  • Bud

    Bought 2 Morgans at the local pawn shop for just shy of $48. All I could afford, but it was fun.

  • k-roach

    Put me down for 100 ozs.


    13:00 DOWN 80 cents!!!…..You Boyz ain’t puttin out!!!!

  • Troy

    Just ordered 20 Slave Queens and 10 Freedom Girls from Amagi Metals 5 minutes ago.

  • pete

    Got 40 OMP rounds from provident for $25.64 each and free shiping.

  • johns

    Bought me some Kuckoburros,
    Dragon Privy,
    China expose,
    all 2012 models, 10…2….and 2.
    I wanted some Kuckaburros anyway, figure I’d buy ’em today.

    • johns

      Hell I went and bought me some more of them Kookaburros. Went for some low mintage issues. I figured I’d go ahead and write it down now, instead of thinking I should’ve
      after the fact…… like an arm chair quarterback.

  • CSP

    It felt really good to convert some of the digital numbers from my account in exchange for physical silver.

    They get to keep the debt instrument called the Federal Reserve Note while I get to keep the shining metal that they can’t print. It takes a lot of human efforts and energy to put 1 oz of .999 silver in the palm of your hand. How sweet is that?

    I laughed myself all the WAY OUT of the bank!

  • MATT

    oh dear.. if your going to buy something..know how to spell it..but then I’m one of those anal people who READ the ingredients before I buy something I’m going to ingest.


  • Waldog

    I thought their was a silver shortage?? Hahahahaha!

    • Troy

      There is silver remaining, but lots of the popular silver stuff is sold out. 25,000 Bison sold out at Gainsville in only one week. Freedom Girls are long sold out. I hope you guys bought Slaves and Freedoms, cause those suckers are going to be worth double the spot price of silver…maybe triple.

  • Hoser

    Buy physical with currency you “NO LONGER KEEP IN THE BANK!” Take everything you can out now. Starve the beast. Besides, why keep your currency you’ve worked hard for in an insolvent banking system which is on the verge of “Bailing-In” (stealing) a portion of your deposits? Also, is the risk worth a .25 percent or less in some cases interest rate? I don’t think so…..

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