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Boston-Benghazi-911 Dots Connected

by Tom Heneghan, Tom Heneghan Briefings:

It can now be reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered drill (that included 35 armed Navy Seals with detonators) that was taking place at the finish line of the recent Boston Marathon was pre-approved by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and its counter-surveillance unit.

​This is the same Pentagon unit that scheduled Red-Blue U.S.-Canadian war games on the day of 09-11-2001.

​This is the same day of the Nazi Paperclip attack on the United States reference New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. ​This was, of course, George W. BushFRAUD’s Reichstag fire …

​These records not only included the script for the 9/11 attacks but also included records tied to the electronic NSA psy op that was used to steal the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President Albert Gore Jr., now year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated, natural born REAL President of the United States.

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