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Book Review: Nick Barisheff’s $10,000 Gold

by John Rubino,

One of the many scary things about writing an investment book is the six months that elapse between the typing of the last word and the book’s appearance in stores. That’s enough time for your predictions to be proven wrong or – nearly as bad – for your predictions to come true and make the book’s advice obsolete.

The temporal jury is still out on Nick Barisheff’s $10,000 Gold. Either it will be this generation’s Dow 36,000, a signpost marking a secular top, or a prescient and gutsy call for faith in gold’s fundamentals at a time when many are giving up.

The latter is more probable, for reasons that Barisheff, CEO of Canadian gold dealer Bullion Management Group, spells out early on. To hit just a few of the high points: the developed world is grossly over-indebted and is holding a 1930s-style depression at bay with insanely-low interest rates unprecedented amounts of newly-created currency.

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