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Bloomberg: Skip College and Become Plumbers

by Heather Ginsberg,

At an event on Friday the Mayor of New York City put his foot in his mouth…again. Michael Bloomberg attempted to give mediocre high school students some advice: skip college and become plumbers. He said students who were not above average should learn how to be plumbers instead of reaching for a career that would involve going to a prestigious college and obtaining a degree.

The people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren’t rocket scientists, if you will, not at the top of their class. Compare a plumber to going to Harvard College — being a plumber, actually for the average person, probably would be a better deal. You don’t spend … four years spending $40,000, $50,000 in tuition without earning income.

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8 comments to Bloomberg: Skip College and Become Plumbers

  • steelerdude

    I wanna see the hands who voted for this DICKHEAD the last time he was on the ballot…..

    if you voted for him, you probably voted for Obama in 2007….now our country is run by mentals…..

  • twomidgetsonahorse

    Bloombergs comment can be taken two ways. To the cynical minded he is saying forget having dreams of greatness by getting that sheepskin and just settle on a mediocre life as a blue collar “joe six pack”. To the practical minded he is actually giving some very sound financial and employment advice. Trade skills are always in high demand and always will be. He is correct that one can enter the workforce far quicker as a tradesman than as a college graduate. A mere two decades ago just the reverse was the norm. Doctors, Lawyers and other fifteen dollar word using professions are a much more finite need in the wider world. There will always be a need for em but not at the rate we are currently turning them out. While a manual trade job may not be glamorous they do give one the freedom to set ones own hours more or less and if you are one of only a few in your town you can pretty much set your own pay scale. It’s hard work and one does need to go back for training occasionally to stay at the top of your game but in the vast scheme of financial well being you’ll go further faster and have a much more rewarding life than someone who has a mountain of unpayable debt right out of the gate.

  • Ed_B

    Bloomberg should have been a plumber. He sure knows enough about s**t.

  • V

    Fuck Bloomberg the FAGGOT! He would look really good in a Columbian Necktie!

  • Johnny

    Actually, as much as I cannot stomach this “man”, the advice was good, considering today’s climate (though something tells me that Bloomberg likely doesn’t hold plumbers or any blue collar workers in very high esteem.)

    My father was a plumber and did VERY well for himself working for SOMEBODY ELSE. He’s living very comfortably with an excellent pension (while it’s still intact), splitting his time between two U.S. locations.

    Learning a trade is where it’s at today. In fact, it’s been where it’s at for a very long time.

  • stackers

    Good advice.

  • Brian

    Even though this guy is a POS, he is right in this case. We need electricians, plumbers, skilled trades. Cause everyone has been conditioned to go to college and it isn’t working! Some people are not cut out for college and would be more apt to be a welder or whatnot.

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