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BitInstant Founder Charlie Shrem Earns Millions Promoting Bitcoin

from Silver Underground:

23-year-old Charlie Shrem has a passion for creative-yet-disruptive ideas and alternative currencies. Motivated by these ambitions, he became one of the earliest adopters of a new digital crypto-currency system called Bitcoin. Being among the first to jump on board with a new peer-to-peer online currency and payment system was certainly a risky choice, but time has proven that Shrem’s decision was the right one. In a recent interview with London Loves Business, the young entrepreneur indicated that he has become a bitcoin millionaire.

Now that more and more businesses are accepting bitcoins, mainstream investors are looking to get in on the action. This would not be possible without the tireless efforts of Bitcoin’s early promoters like Charlie Shrem. Through the promotion of this esoteric, technically-complex peer-to-peer crypto-currency, users have been given an alternative, anonymous way to store and transfer wealth. In an era when fiat currencies teeter on the brink of total collapse, the world needs as many alternative currency options as possible.

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