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Billions Wasted, Countless Deaths: You Call This Medicine?

by Chris Wood, Casey Research:

The term “diagnostics,” for some, probably conjures images of the character Dr. Gregory House from the popular Fox television show, House. But diagnostics is actually a multibillion-dollar-a-year business that has until recently lagged other medical innovations, costing billions of dollars and countless lives in the process. That is all changing rapidly now.

If you’ve never seen the show, House invariably saves his patients’ lives by diagnosing some obscure ailment based on a controversial insight that only a genius of his caliber (and lovable, curmudgeonly demeanor) could have spotted, and gets the patient on the correct treatment regimen just in time. It makes for good TV.

But the real world of medical diagnostics is not so reliant on the whims of madmen. House’s portrayal of diagnostics was true to life in one regard: doctors need better tools to diagnose disease, lest they be left with what amounts to a guessing game.

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