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“Big Terrorist Attacks Will Come From Conspiracy Theorists” Says Charlie Veitch

from Mark Dice:

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4 comments to “Big Terrorist Attacks Will Come From Conspiracy Theorists” Says Charlie Veitch

  • Douglas Stone

    “I think Dark Mouse could be the next Charlie Veitch.” I posted that on Dark Mouse’s youtube during his Alex Jones bashing fest and he banned me.

    Why so scared Dark Mouse?

  • We Are Change Windsor

    I believe this guy was a plant sent to infiltrate the ‘Truther’ movement. His family is tied to BIG BIG MONEY in British Off-Shore oil (North Sea). I have heard some of his videos spewing the Alice Bailey and H. P. Blavatsky Luciferian doctrine(Adolph Hitler’s Eugenics philosophy). As a side note, this is the same philosophy that David Icke pushes, as exposed in `Aquarius: The Age of Evil´ by Keith Thompson – It is a powerful documentary for anyone who wishes to take the time to watch.

    I believe Veitch is connected to the highest levels of British Aristocracy and I would suspect is an MI6 dis-info /COINTELPRO agent.

    • SGT

      He’s definitely a turncoat. It’s clear he was either “gotten to” a couple years ago when he flipped on the 9/11 issues, or worse, his plan may have always been to try to “discredit” the truth movement. Either way, Veitch is a traitor to truth.

  • Nick

    Maybe Veitch is getting too much credit. Perhaps he is just a bit of a flake. Wait around long enough, and his opinion is bound to change again — like the weather.

    9/11 was an Israeli-American false flag. Otherwise, the FBI wouldn’t have released the Israelis caught in the act of blowing up explosive-laden moving vans on 9/11.

    I’m not that familiar conspiracy theories, but I’m getting more and more acquainted with criminal conspiracy that simply goes unprosecuted.

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