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Ayn Rand’s Vision of Galt’s Gulch Has Become Reality As Of Today

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

After months of hard work by the entire staff at Galt’s Gulch Chile (GGC) I am extremely pleased to announce to the world that Ayn Rand’s vision in her iconic book, Atlas Shrugged, has become a reality. It is unfortunate that the world has transformed much into what Rand had envisioned and the need for a place like Galt’s Gulch has become so urgent. But, since that is today’s reality we are very happy to offer the respite from the Western world of oppressive governments to freedom-minded people in which they can build a new, more prosperous community.

For those who haven’t been following the evolution of GGC, here is some background:

I left my home country of Canada in 2003 and just celebrated my 10th anniversary of being free from the Canadian Revenue Agency (the equivalent of the IRS in Canada) this year. My reasons for leaving weren’t just tax related, however. Just as I still write about today, my main reason for escaping was that I wanted to live in a place that was much freer. I subsequently traveled via sailboat, plane, train and automobile to nearly a hundred different countries, searching out places that had more social and economic freedom than the limited amount I had grown quite tired of up in the not-so-great white north.

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6 comments to Ayn Rand’s Vision of Galt’s Gulch Has Become Reality As Of Today

  • NaySayer

    He is offering steep discounts for people who get in first. He says it isn’t because they are having trouble selling the lots, but why else do you offer deep discounts?

  • MrPappaFace

    Seriously I can’t even believe you would post this article as something of interest or news. It’s a advertisement to buy chilian land for an exorbitant price. 400,000 for ten acres. Are you kidding. First it was Chris Duane selling silver lol. Now Dollar Vil. Selling land in a country around the world for half a mil. I must say you people discredit the true meaning of being free minded. When you try to sell me shit just to make money. Do something original, that stretches your limits of comprehension. If you sell things for money then you are still in their tenticals. Create a new social structure that allows people to be free for once. I don’t recall which Native American said it but in short our obsession with ownership of enatimate objects will be our undoing. I think about the ownership of land and how stupid a concept it truly is. One can never possess an acre of the earth. It’s just a mental possession that you give up at death…

    • john 2

      I purchased a lot on the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica…1/3 acre in an upscale ‘gringo’ development for $35,000. Berwick’s price may or may not be high for Chile land. $400,000 for 10 acres does seem like a moonshot. I was just looking at a nice relatively flat property of 10 acres in the East Tennessee mountains for under $40,000. Mountain views…creek flowing through it…a preppers paradise.

      In Chile, my understanding is that the dwelling can be built very inexpensively. For a 1+ acre lot and 1500 sq. ft. home package in GGC, you could probably go all in for well under $150,000. That’s not too horrible.

      Again…do your due diligence. You may find land much cheaper there, just make sure it’s an apples to apples comparison.

      • NaySayer

        He has smaller 1.25 acre lots up to 5 acres for around $50,000 too. I guess it depends if you get the best view or something. Still seems kind of steep in price to me.

        He would probably be happy to take silver/gold or anything of value, in fact he is one of those bitcon supporters so maybe people can lay off their crap fake money on him for a lot?

  • No John

    does anyone else find it odd that Jeff never even “finished” (more like read) atlas shrugged… yet markets as “Ayn Rand’s Vision of Galt’s Gulch”?


  • Dr Tomorrow

    Is his development the same one as “Freedom Orchard” being pushed by Frank Szabo, or is it just Right Next Door? Hmm…

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