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Armed march on Washington D.C. announced for July 4th: Is Adam Kokesh crazy, or courageous?

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Adam vs. the Man activist Adam Kokesh, a Marine Corps Reserve veteran, has announced an armed march on Washington D.C. for July 4th. The event calls for protesters to carry loaded rifles slung across their backs as they march on Washington. It has been announced on Kokesh’s Facebook page.

Appearing briefly on the Alex Jones Show today, Adam Kokesh explained, “This is an armed revolt against the American government. Make no mistake about it.”

Is Adam Kokesh crazy, or courageous?

The mainstream media is already calling Kokesh “radicalized,” although such accusations carry no credibility whatsoever from a leftist media that believes anyone who even owns a gun is a possible terrorist. So I don’t pay any attention to what they call people. Most media heads are freedom-hating morons to begin with. Their voices don’t even count.

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10 comments to Armed march on Washington D.C. announced for July 4th: Is Adam Kokesh crazy, or courageous?


    I used to have respect for Kokesh. But, there is always a but, after he went after Chris Duane the way he did, I am through with him. Marines (former) don’t attact other brothers like he did! SEMPER FI (?)

  • Brian

    He is going to get cut down

  • Joe

    This guy Kokesh has FED written all over him. Everything about him is out of place. He’s is too well trained and schooled to be an average military grunt coming back state side to voice his concern. More like highly trained to lead the sheep to the slaughter…type of thing.

    • Hannon

      Not every grunt has a vocabulary problem and fed agents don’t speak on the fly like he does, they tend to sound like broken records and usually steer people to either violence, racial division or some kind of sexual issue. Feds never preach the stuff he does, he may end up leading people to the slaughter but if so I think it’ll be him, not some higher up directing him. I like the guy what ever his motives are, he’s definitely has guts.

  • Knave303

    Isn’t he Jewish?

  • Joe

    BTW, I do not advocate that site I posted above and know nothing about what they approve or disapprove of. It gave background on who Kokesh really is and that was my only intent on posting the link.

  • JoeSchmoe

    Adam Kokesh is not part of the fascist state…Anyone who follows him is well aware of this.
    With that said, the potential “error” in Adam’s logic may be no error at all. It all depends on timing. If, closer to the day of July 4th, he switches the march to being a march for ALL citizen’s Constitutional Rights, with representation by groups for each specific RIGHT coalescing around a singular purpose, he will have used this as a potentially VERY helpful Advertising Stunt that could Unite people who are otherwise divided over specific Rights in the Constitution under the General Concept of our Liberties on a more Broad Spectrum. If he does that, he will have people of all walks of life joining him (even those who do not stand for the 2nd Amendment as Staunchly as others). He could then invite leaders of different movements (groups against the NDAA, Anonymous, against CISPA, Privacy Groups…etc.)

    If he leaves this ONLY to 2nd Amendment, he is potentially inviting exactly what Alex Jones and others have voiced to be concerns.

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