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Armed DHS Goon Squads now monitoring Tea Party Protestors

from Off Grid Survival:

As if the IRS targeting tea party and conservative groups wasn’t enough, it now seems the Department of Homeland Security is spending tax payer dollars to monitor Tea Party protests around the country.

Armed Department of Homeland Security officers were seen monitoring yesterday’s Tea Party protests of the IRS. The armed DHS officials could be seen at rallies in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Was this Blatant Government Intimidation?

The federal government isn’t saying why they sent armed federal officers to monitor yesterday’s rallies, which occurred across the country as a response to the IRS’ unconstitutional monitoring of tea party and conservative groups.

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3 comments to Armed DHS Goon Squads now monitoring Tea Party Protestors

  • Ed_B

    Any such federal monitors of TEA Party and other conservative groups should be FULLY recorded on video and then posted to YouTube. We need to know who these jokers are as well as what they are up to. Info of this kind could be quite valuable at their trials.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    America under the jack boot.


    Let’s not forget who the DHS & TSA is, look at his face & see the face of lucifer. Of course in this Orwellian World of double speak he is Honorable.

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