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Adventures in Grocery Shopping: When Food Isn’t Food

by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, Activist Post

Here are just a few examples in the (ever-growing) ‘Food Not Fit to Eat’ category.

In what is sure to be a continuing series, documented just a few stand out items while browsing through the grocery store. There were lots of healthy, organic choices, as well as lots of other … stuff.

Let’s face it! It’s a target rich environment: food just isn’t food anymore. That is, the stuff being marketed to us all under an endless array of recognizable brand names and beneficial-sounding buzz terms. We could probably choose an item at random, and at least 9 out of 10 times, for every nutritional advantage to any given item on the shelf, there is a lurking danger that could cause damage or negative side effects.

Hidden ingredients are the norm, and until we educate ourselves and become disciplined enough to avoid all the things we shouldn’t be eating, it’s going to be nearly impossible to get/stay healthy. And it’s worth it to not only be alive but to also feel alive while you are.

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