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A Note of Caution to Our Silver Camp

by Tom Goehle,

If there is one thing that can be said about our silver community it’s that we sure take things in stride. It’s almost comical watching us, like an army, declaring victory after victory, as we get our collective noses bloodied by the cartel which has now smashed the silver price down below $25. It’s been exactly two years since the Big Smash when silver got pounded from $49.78 down to the $32-$33 range in a couple of days. You may recall that Mr. King over at KWN lined up a parade of guests who all in lock-step said they would be buyers at that level.

Moreover, after just a few days, the “bottom” was in. Victory was declared. See, look how cheap we can buy this stuff now. It’s only onward and upward from here. Um, not so fast my friend. The patient stacker could have saved himself some FRNs had he or she waited until a few weeks ago rather than a few days after the Big Smash. We keep pretending the metals are always on the cusp of rocketing upward when in fact they have been moving downwards for some time now. (I know, that’s only the paper price, we’ve really got them where we want them now in the physical department. Or so the narrative goes.)

That is why it is so agonizing to see Sinclair (0 for 2 for those keeping score at home), Sprott, Norcini, and others call the bottom so soon in gold. If the bottom in silver was miscalled two years ago by virtually everyone, and then in gold a few weeks ago (Sinclair), you would think that with everyone hanging on to your every word that you may want to exercise a little reticence this time around when calling bottoms. Nope. Not in our camp.

Victory must always be pulled out of the jaws of defeat right this minute. Remember how we heard a few years ago when silver started its move towards $50 that the shorts were “trapped?” How about when Leeb said silver would hit $100 by the end of 2011. Or when Turk said last year that as soon as we got through $35 we would get to $60-$70 in a few months. Now he is calling for a short squeeze. Does this stuff never end? There is no pati ence in this camp. The metals MUST start moving up NOW. After all, we own them. (Like a conclusion drawn logically from its premise.)

Thus the continuing narrative, which is reaching a crescendo as I write, is that the divergence between physical and paper is nearing its “event horizon” of which there will be no escape. This may be true. It really may be. But I have a couple of honest questions which are not meant to be a challenge to those holding to the “imminent failure to deliver” crowd which seems to be the ubiquitous position in our camp right now. First, why are the paper metal prices rebounding so vigorously if paper and physical are diverging? Second, the divergence between physical and paper was much worse in 2008. Eagles, if you could even get them, for example, were selling for over $20 when spot paper silver was $8.45. If the COMEX/LBMA didn’t default when the divergence was far more acute, then why would they default now?

Another foundation of our silver narrative is the notion that the paper price doesn’t
matter. This is accepted as gospel. I have never seen this proposition challenged so let me take a stab at this non sequitur. If the paper price doesn’t matter then why does everyone get bent out of shape when the price gets slammed? Of course the paper price matters! I am working on another project (a book) and therefore I am now only working part-time. In order to pay bills while my income is diminished I unfortunately had to sell nearly 20% of my stack about 4-6 weeks ago. I know I risk being excommunicated from this camp for admitting I had to sell.

It’s anathema to do that in our camp. (Please don’t throw holy water at me.) At any rate, do you think the paper price didn’t matter to me? Based on fundamentals I think everyone in this camp could make a good argument for physical silver being priced around $130. I had to sell because I thought silver looked weak (on the chart) and I didn’t want to get stuck selling even lower in case it crashed. It did. Until we go to a physical cash market by way of a COMEX/LBMA default, yes the paper price does matter. Unless you can wait it out. I couldn’t.

My point here is that while I agree that the metals in the long run provide the best chance to reserve purchasing power, we seem to continually underestimate TPTB’s ability to extend this fairytale economy. The constant calls for the dollar’s demise and the imminent collapse of the economy have proved wrong over and over again. The simple fact of the matter is we have to get through the entire Eurozone explosions first. The dollar will be the last to fall.

Thus, entities run to the dollar, not silver and gold until their normalcy bias does not provide safe haven. Again, contrary to popular opinion, I see this at least 2-3 years away. I know, I know, it can’t last that long. That was the same argument made 3 or 4 years ago. That’s the point. Everything should have come apart. But guess what? It didn’t. They “fixed” it. Yes, all the markets are “fixed” now, if you get my meaning. The only thing that will stop this fairytale economy is when people, governments, banks, and other entities stop accepting paper like its money with value. Otherwise this insanity goes on and on. I made up a little saying- “Paper =
power for those that are in charge.” Paper is what keeps all the global elites and their glorious banks going (with their nefarious intentions). This is why it is ill-advised to underestimate the lengths these liars and cheaters will go to hold on to their paper schemes.

I hope the COMEX/LBMA go bust. But I am not so sure that time is now. I am expecting a US debt downgrade sometime between Memorial Day (which would provide good cover) and Thanksgiving. This should give the metals a boost which ever way they are being priced. Also war, or the imminent threat of war, would likewise do the same. Of course a bust of the COMEX/LBMA would be the jackpot. I think in the long run the metal prices will move to new record highs but don’t expect them to go to the moon priced in dollars because we may not be talking about “dollars” then. The other problem with the “shoot to the moon” assertion is that you are once again underestimating TPTB. The government will be ready, willing, and able to tax you to death on your new found gains. Something that no one seems to want to talk about.

In conclusion, we look upon the sheeple with supercilious scorn as they go about their daily lives blinded to the reality that is fairly soon to come upon all of us. Our camp knows better. We are awake. But then we should know not to underestimate the opposition. Therefore, I will not be surprised if the paper prices of gold and silver go back down – silver to $21 which is a 61.8% fib retrace of the entire move from $3.50 to $49.78, and gold I have no idea where it goes if it goes down but as long as it stays above $1285 which is a 38.1% fib retrace of the entire move from $250 to $1921 that would be very healthy in a secular bull market. Folks, gold has been up EVERY year in this latest bull market. It needs a breather O.K.? Not saying the metals necessarily will go back down, but I won’t be surprised if they do.

Keeping this in mind, I just pray for everyone in our camp along with Pete Townsend- “We don’t get fooled again.”

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114 comments to A Note of Caution to Our Silver Camp

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    “The government will be ready, willing, and able to tax you to death on your new found gains.”
    Would this require people to sell their physical silver. I am never selling my silver. It is an asset that can be collaterized.

    • NaySayer

      The way I look at it, once the federal government has no paper fiat largesse to dispense to the states through printing of ever more worthless paper, then their influence will end in many parts of the country. They will still be important in many parts of the east coast like Boston to Past D.C., but not important at all in many parts of the south, midwest, SouthWest, Mountain states etc. The biggest cities in these areas will still be police states more than likely with refugees streaming away from them. The big cities will have rent, price, work controls etc. “essential personnel” will be required to go to work whether they like it or not.

      The federal government in many aspects is now toxic. Once it becomes clear that the social security, federal pensions, federal education money etc. is cut off, then most people will find the feds irrelevent. when the Medicare money gets cut off then many in the health professions who thought that they would always have good paying jobs will find out that healthcare has been in a federal bubble for decades. They will have to charge what people can afford for medical care or go without patients (i.e. Money). That is likely the situation for those who live far enough away to make effective police state controls ineffective without the support of local law enforcement.

      When that happens, people will turn to their local area as being important. Many parts of the country may devolve into warlordships as has happened in many other parts of the world when economic chaos descended. We always think we are different, more civilized etc. but we are just people like the rest of the people around the world (okay, we are far more economically spoiled and unused to going hungry or working hard for a little food). Travel will be very difficult or impossible sometimes. But there will be a stabilization and people will be able to travel in heavily guarded convoys, if you have the real money. Trade will pick up again in local areas and then larger areas. It will be different and a lot of people won’t live to see it but I think that most of the people here have a much much better shot at it.

    • I don’t get this thinking. if your never going to sell it then why even buy it? might better live life with the money put into silver.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    “silver to $21” – but getting hold of physical silver if this is the paper price will be likely be impossible.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed, PB. This is EXACTLY what we saw in 2008 when the paper silver prices dropped below $10 an oz. Yeah, that WAS the price but no one was selling any at that price. Either they didn’t have any or they did and we saving it for higher prices to return… which they did. Once the paper price came back to the real world price of $15-16 an oz., THEN we saw some buying and selling going on.

      As a long term stacker, I do not pay that much attention to the short-term paper-price of silver. I try to buy some every 4-6 weeks. If the price is up, I get a little less. If it is down, I get a little more. But I always try to get some. Over time, this approach can be used to build a nice stack. For me, silver and gold are not investments. They ARE money! There will come a day when all that matters to us is whether or not we have REAL money. Well, do ya? 😉

  • Hannon

    Let’s hope the price plungs, the farther down it goes, the more metal comes out of their hands and less new metal makes its way to their system, I couldn’t give a crap about traders trying to make a living in the bankers casino, they can try working a real job like everyone else instead of trying to cash out on the algos rythemes. Low PM prices are what’s going to cause those defaults and put more PMs in the hands of stackers world wide, nothing would make me happier than a 60% drop. If your buying PMs to make money in the short term, your in the wrong game, if you are using them as a hedge on long term savings and investing in a peice of freedom via free markets one oz at a time then more power to you. If the price shoots up then we can’t compete for the goods against a printing press with our little pay checks, but if the prices go down then it’s game on for the little guy

  • Frisby

    Good reality check I’ve had the same thoughts. thank you

  • Waldog

    Finally an intelligent article!

    • Douglas Stone

      My thoughts as well.

    • George Silver

      I’ve been saying this for ages in various comments and usually the response is nasty. because you’ve upset the consensus. I switched from Silver to Gold ages ago as the fundamentals for Silver are all wrong.
      Gold has the potential to protect your wealth and has done so for thousands of years. Gold is bought by Central Banks and the very wealthy individuals. Nobody that is wealthy would store Silver when it is easier and more cost effective to store Gold.
      Silver is used by industry and has recently been bought by individuals because of clever hype about it’s shortage. You haven’t seen industry panicking because there is a shortage. Have you? People buying Silver think there is a shortage when in reality the shortage is created in the coin market by the people who produce coins. They cannot expand their production to meet the demand caused by the hype. When Gold increases in value or decreases in value wealthy individuals do not sell. When Silver gets to $50 one day there will be massive selling as people who are “under-water” get out. Silver is a good short-term speculation as it rises for a certain time with Gold in the future. But that’s it. People who believe they will become fabulously rich holding Silver are in for a big disappointment.

      • AK


        I have converted most of my fiat currency into Silver not to get fabulously rish as you put it, but to protect myself from currency debasement due to out-of-control money printing around the world. I don’t really see how Silver is going to protect me any less than Gold will. Silver has been a monetary metal longer than Gold. Most of the Silver mined today is consumed and for investment purposes there is only 3 times as much Silver available from new production as there is Gold. Yet individual investors are buying at a rate of 50 to 1 in favor of silver. Yes, the central banks and ultra-wealthy are buying Gold because the Silver market is way too tiny. One Central and or a handful of billionaires could completely wipe out the Silver market if they wanted to. Gold remains unattainable for a majority of investors from around the world while Silver is an affordable alternative. More and more people are coming to the realization that they too could be “cyprused” or they are beginning to understand that their currency is in decline which will only accelerate with more debt-monetization. As that realization grows around the world, more and more people will pile into the Gold and Silver markets to protect themselves. We may not have any critical shortages yet, but we will. The difference is that when the Gold and Silver market get really tight, individual investors will have to compete with industrial users who can’t produce their product without silver. You can’t tell me that this is not a recipe for drastically higher Silver prices! In the end, I don’t think it matters if you own Gold or Silver, you just want to make sure that you own precioius metals or other hard assets outright and without any kind of counter-party risks.


    All commodities are bought with paper but should never be measured in paper unless you sell for paper. Gold & silver will shine when all else fails, naught sooner, naught later.

    Buy it tuck it away and have a nice day.

    • Upstart


      My thoughts exactly. I have always said that PM’s are for the ‘other side’ – ie to be ‘converted’ as appropriate for whatever ‘currency’ is in use within whatever new system we find is introduced after the collapse.

      Gold and Silver have always been the way people at every social level have carried over thier ‘wealth’ through times of war, collapse of empires, migration, or whatever.

      During the transition from this economic paradigm to the next my very small stack of Silver serves as ‘insurance’ – against paper currency devaluation, bank failure, or personal economic crisis. I hope to never have to ‘cash in’ my insurance on this side, but at least I have that option.

      I hope to just leave my small stack tucked away, only to be retrieved when we have passed through this collapse/transition stage and the new system is in place (and PM’s have been appropriately revalued). Currently, as I cant afford to buy any more Silver, and certainly have no intention (or overwhelming need) to sell any, the ‘paper’ price is of no importance to me.

      For the record, I put everything I had (which was not much) into Silver when the spot price was $47, and the average price per ounce I paid was was $58 an ounce!. Some people would say ‘ouch’ (or worse), but do I feel ‘cheated’? Do I feel ‘out of pocket’. HELL NO!

      I feel lucky that I was in a position to buy some physical metal, blessed that had the wisdom to recognise it is real money, and comforted that I have already had 2 years of ‘Insurance’ from my stack too.

      I really do feel that many people need to go back and examine why they are buying physical metal. If it is to get Dollar/Pound/Euro/Yen ‘rich’ then good luck to you – I doubt you will get through what is coming because because you just dont ‘get’ the bigger picture.

      If you are buying physical metal for the new paradigm, or to barter with during the transition, or simply as insurance against bank failure, then congratulations, you do ‘get it’ (and likely have food, water, supplies, and a weapon too because you see the bigger picture). You guys have a shot of getting throug this in good shape.

      Buy and hold, buy and hold, and buy and hold some more. At this stage that is all anyone needs to remember, or be concerned about.

    • Ed_B

      Exactly so, Waldo. If anyone out there needs proof of the value of REAL money, as opposed to that fake fiat currency, all we need do is ask ourselves the following question: If I lived in Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, or Cyprus, would I rather have had my money in fiat paper or in gold and silver? Simple question, right? It is but it is also one that does not occur to so many people out there… UNTIL the SHTF, of course, and then EVERYONE is aware of it. Those who stacked in the countries mentioned above still have their money and were not ripped off by the banksters.

      The simple truth of the financial situation as it exists today, friends, is that our money is seen as up for grabs and it WILL be stolen by the politicians, via taxes, licenses, fees, etc., and the banks, including the central banks, via inflation, deflation, and various forms of the latest heist, the bail-in.

      The central banks are in charge of telling us that the fiat currency they print out of thin air has value. If we accept that, their next move is to tell us ‘how much’ value it has, usually via devaluation. Through these 2 mechanisms can they exert absolute financial control of everyone who plays their game, using their rules. It is only those of us who refuse to either play their game or use their rules who really have a chance in this. Keep stacking, brothers and sisters. It really is the only financial ammo we have.

  • SGH


    Absolutely right on and kudos for taking a dispassionate look at, and analysis of, the metals.

    As a community, we want to be vindicated. Calling premature bottoms is just a symptom of this. Fib retracements, Elliot-wave functions and etc look like noise hiding the signal to many. We ignore them at our own peril.

    Markets are people. People are driven by their nature, i.e. human nature drives the metrics we call “markets.” As such, with free markets, one could easily predict and profit from movements of prices and flow. Today, all prices and flows are controlled. Central Planners have and will hold on to the levers until the very last instant and beyond. Historians will be prying the dead skeletal remains of their fingers from the control levers and marvel at the strenght still left in them.

    Outside of metaphor: no politician, central banker, chief of financial institution s going to give an inch, and each depserate move will “shock” us, as we blithely stand by and wait for the next blow. It will go until it can’t go anymore, and then, well, we’ll see.

    Silver and gold act in several ways in this world. Relevant to your post, there is only one way to be cognizant of in order to prosper: they will serve as the bridge to the new system once the re-set is complete. USD will die, turmoil will ensue. SDRs/BRICS banks/namee-what-you-like will attempt to fill the void. It will be messy and fraught with problems.

    Silver and gold, IN YOUR HANDS, will see you through the transition, to the messy phase, and finally provide wealth in the next settled phase.

    Acquire all you are able; stay flexible and worry much less about spot prices and much more about looking ahead to the time when “dollars” are disdained. Only then will the true value of the metals be not only elevated to their historic, human-nature derived place, but the vindication will quietly be confirmed.

    • Ed_B

      “Relevant to your post, there is only one way to be cognizant of in order to prosper: they will serve as the bridge to the new system once the re-set is complete. USD will die, turmoil will ensue. SDRs/BRICS banks/namee-what-you-like will attempt to fill the void. It will be messy and fraught with problems.”

      Indeed so. More than that, however, we all need to be very much aware of the thought that after “the great reset”, whatever form it takes, it is unlikely that TPTB will get it right on their first try. Resist the temptation to cash out of your stack when the 1st of the new currencies emerges to replace the dollar. It may work, it may not, but… let it prove itself for a while before cashing out more than the minimum amount of PMs you need to sell to live. We could very well see a few false starts with this because TPTB will resist resorting to REAL money until there is absolutely no other option open to them. When that arrives, it will likely be difficult to spot at first, so it will be wise to be cautious as to what we accept in exchange for our stacks.

  • Sandor Bors

    A proper vent. I’m still buying today.

    “There are only two choices in life, infinite love or fear.”

    The late great Bill Hicks

  • petedivine

    Unfortunately, paper prices no longer have much basis in reality. The Russians, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, all know what currency destruction look like. Those nations experienced currency collapses since WWII. We in the west have not had that education. If you look at charts from the Weimar republic inflation was tame until it sprung out of the box. Fundamentals will make themselves felt. Market manipulation is quickly becoming unimportant and surreal. Just compare food prices to the CPI. The CPI no longer reflects reality. Its just another number in the ponzi. Silver and Gold manipulation are just numbers in the ponzi. What good is paper price if you can’t actually purchase the physical for that much? If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does it really make a sound? If the price of Silver reflects 0 dollars, but can’t be purchased for 0 dollars does it really reflect anything?

  • Bob A

    Bravo, Hooray, Kudos, Excellent, Enlightening, Refreshing!!! Finally someone speaking the truth. GREAT JOB with the article. This needs to be circulated to everyone, including the pumptarts. I thought Don Harold did a great job exposing the 2008 pump…same story different year…default, prices to the moon, banksters getting gutted, dollar collapse. Those gurus can take a trip to the moon. I ain’t reading their filthy, stupid arse material. This is a logical, well thought out arguement. Sinclair and the rest of them, have alternative motives…and I don’t care what anyone says…they are in it to make money and sell silver…good motives, I’m sure, but wouldn’t have been better for those buyers at 35.00 to have bought at 22.00? Instead these pumptarts talk about 50, 75, 100 price tag. Suck me.

  • AK

    Some very valid points. I have to admit that I do get sucked into the predictions made by people like Jim Sinclair, John Embry, Eric Sprott but I also realize that nobody has the ability to predict price movements in the short term so I take those predictions with a grain of salt. TPTB have all the trump cards in the paper market and can virtually do whatever they want in the near term, but I also know that things are continuously deteriorating around the globe and now with the real threat of everybody being “cyprused” at some point and the simple fact that bullion banks are refusing delivery to their customers (ABN Amro), this all will lead to a run on physical bullion sooner or later. We already see record purchases of the physical metals around the globe. More and more people are realizing that their their unallocated and allocated precious metal holding may not be there and the smarter croud is doing their best to get their metals out of the banks. An all out pancic has not emerged yet but it will and who knows what will set it off. Maybe it will simply snowball from here as more and more people realize how little bullion is left for the taking. All I know is that every single day the fundamentals for owning precious metals are increasing and any fabricated price swings in the metals don’t change that. I feel fortunate that I am one of the enlightened few that has converted their fiat junk for something real and tangible and I know that in a few years from now it won’t matter what I paid for it. Today I picked up another 100 oz. of the Wood Bison Canadian Maples below $27/oz and I am very happy with that. Folks keep stacking if you can and support the cause to buy Silver on May 1st. We all know where prices are going in the long term and one day we will look back in disbelief at today’s prices.

  • Son of Liberty

    I think this article is well written and fact filled, and with all due respect to Mr. Goehle, in my opinion his premise is incorrect and I am having trouble understanding his thesis.

    On the one hand he says precious metals will go up in value and will maintain purchasing power, but then again the government is going to tax away your profits anyhow.

    On the one hand the price is manipulated by all powerful bankers and completely divorced from fundamentals as long as they are in charge, but on the other hand he’s able to call $21 silver because apparently fibonacci retrace voodoo trumps banker manipulations. BTW good luck buying that $21 silver if we get there.

    Really I appreciate the message and I agree that getting caught up in the hype and sensationalism is a dangerous game to play if you think you will need to liquidate in the near future.

    If you have to sell some of your stack to get by then do it, but realize that you are selling something very undervalued for something that is very overvalued.

    I think however that his apparent obsession with price really ignores the fact that while the economy might not collapse tomorrow and make all paper money worthless, it absolutely could. IMO the case for investing in precious metal is for the day the dollar dies, period.

    This is no time to be playing games with investing, it is a time to be accumulating the things you will need to live for the next few years and also it is a time to make sure that they relationships that you have with people are healthy and honest.

    Just my opinion. And thanks for posting the article, even though I know its going to be a magnet for trolls and capitulators to push their agenda and/or confirmation bias.

    • Upstart

      Son of Liberty,

      +1 from me.

    • Tom G.

      Sons of Liberty= Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. There is nothing illogical in my contention that metals are our best chance of preserving purchasing power and yet the govt will tax us to death on them when the time is ripe. Secondly, I am not “calling” for $21 silver. I am merely pointing out that it may travel back down there in paper price. I never made any predictions on whether it would be available for purchase at that price.

      Unfortunately, as long as the price of the metals is determined by paper, the casino gamblers look at the “voodoo” fib retracements when trading. I see $21 as a possibility because the 61.8% retrace is important. It is important because when silver went from $3.50 to $21 and then back down to $8.45, that was a 61.8% retrace. It will be no coincidence if silver priced in paper goes down to that level ($21). It is not voodoo. It is technical analysis.

      I am 100% invested in silver. KWN ends up discouraging people with all their false bottom calls. I always want to encourage people to stop underestimating the cartel. Like today, for example.

      I can’t worry about those who have nefarious motives and what they will do with the content of my article. We need balance when we look at things otherwise we will end up like the sheeple we look down upon. Thank You again (Chris?)

      The author

      • Son of Liberty

        Yes I hope I didn’t come off too harsh in my comments because I think your article is very organized and I could not find anything that I do not consider to be factual. I wasn’t trying to be too critical of your article because I agree with many aspects of it, but mostly I wanted to provide a counterpoint because I knew that a certain crowd would try to take the ball and run with it. In the process I think I was overly critical which is a shame because I agree with you.

        About the idea that the paper price is “important” – of course its important – after all it is the exchange rate with dollars and most commerce is conducted in dollars (I’m in the US) – but at the end of the day the difference between $21 and $23 is not a reason for people to decide against protecting themselves. I know that’s not the point that you were trying to make but at first read that’s how I took it and wanted to put that in perspective for anyone who might be on the fence.

        I presume that your thesis is that if people are purchasing silver for the right reasons then there shouldn’t be this constant need to hype up the “moon shot” in dollar terms, and that actually that stuff can be counterproductive because when it doesn’t happen it just hurts peoples’ credibility.

        BTW when I’ve had to sell I’ve had good luck with Brother John F’s strategy of buying semi-numismatic if they are not too high above spot in order to maintain some premium when prices are down. Selling on ebay is not ideal but if it means maintaining some of that purchasing power despite the price swings then it can be worth it.

        Thanks again for writing the article Tom and I apologize for trying to find fault with your work. I still have no love for the trolls though and they should know right where they can go.

        PS – not Chris – chose my handle because my father was a defender of liberty up until the day he died – but I do like Chris’ work 🙂

        • Tom G.

          Sons of Liberty- No, you didn’t come off too critical. You were very professional. You got the point of my article exactly.

          I just think all the bottom-calling actually ends up discouraging the silver community. I also think all the calls for imminent collapse (yes, everything should have collapsed already but it hasn’t) have been wrong. Max Keiser’s prediction that economic collapse would happen by April has now fallen by the wayside as well.

          Yes, like you my last purchases were the semi-numis (Canadian Wildlife series) so you and I are on the same page there.

          Thank you for you kind replies and your thoughtful analysis.


    • Hannon

      “If you have to sell some of your stack to get by then do it, but realize that you are selling something very undervalued for something that is very overvalued.”

      I’ve unstacked at times to cover cash shortages rather than take on debt but it’s always been gold. Just recently I sold a 1oz gold eagle to help pay for an auto repair and it didn’t even phase me but I’ve never sold a single oz of silver my whole life, I still have silver dollars my grandfather gave me 30 years ago. No matter how hard silver takes dives in the markets, I feel that it is so under valued I cannot bring myself to part with it, it’s become so much of a silver fever that I hope I’ll actually make a move when the time comes.

    • Ed_B

      “…but then again the government is going to tax away your profits anyhow.”

      Like a dinosaur, the Gov will only attack that which it can sense. Like tiny rodents deep in the grass and our burrows, all we need do is operate below the threshold of their awareness. 😀

  • angel

    now thats an article with reality, still love my metals tho

    PS ill be really happy if you never post an article from KWN especially from sinclair the sensationalizer of metals

  • Tim

    This is excellent!

  • John

    Grandma is ready to trade in some Jewelery, needs some fiat to pay a few bills…

    When most have thrown in the towel, we should expect a turnaround. I myself am ticked off, and unbookmarked sites like King world news, Guys like Pento and so on.. blah blah blah..

    I’m not throwing in the towel though, infact the LCD has no Silver, but does have some Gold, I was going to go this morning, but am hoping for another smackdown at 2:00pm. The place is over an hour away.. So if the Price looks right I will add tomorrow AM… The dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1913, nothing else needs to be said..

    • Ed_B

      “The dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1913, nothing else needs to be said..”

      Indeed. That IS one of the Fed’s STATED missions, is it not? To protect the buying power of the US dollar? My, oh, my. If any of us had that in our job description and achieved the disastrous results of the US Fed, we would be fired and probably investigated for possible criminal charges. But not the Fed, on, no siree! They get told what a wonderful job they are doing. Bleah!

  • eric

    isedI took time to rhino about this May 1. Buy day, and I wouldnt be surprised if the cartel got abgry and smacked it down thr next day. Its tanking now, ans I am Lucky to have a local dealer selling 90% under spot! So Im picking up today, but still think. $18 is in the cards

  • Chad

    It amazes me how everyone says they are wide awake. Let me make this clear for you.

    This is NOT going to end well. The only thing Gold, Silver or any kind of commodity is worth obtaining is to have something to barter with.

    And for you believers in truth, it may provide a way to survive without recieving the mark until His Majesty arrives (Luke 21:36). So this is a very BIG DEAL. You need to think of Fiat Currency as the plague.

    Who gives a rats ass about the paper price? There is coming a point where you simply won’t be able to get any with your paper at all.

    Then what are you going to do when food skyrockets and you still only make so many dollars at work, if you still have a job.

    Yea, what will you think of this BS article that appears so smart then. You can tell your starving kids about it.

    This is not a joke. This is life and death.

    • Tom G.

      Chad- Are you a pre-, mid-, pre-wrather, or post-tribber? It’s hard to tell where you are coming from. Nowhere in the article do I advocate silver or paper money as a substitute for the Christian worldview. The article does not address Christian eschatology because it is not meant to. Perhaps another time. Thank you for reading my article.

      The author

    • freedumbs'ear

      Dear friends who have been waiting for the mark of the beast system to arrive and are trying to avoid it.It is already here and has been since 1933 when it was fully implimented.The birth certificate name is this system.In 1666 the cestui que vie act was enacted when the banksters burned down london to destroy all the records.Ever since in the santanic legal system you are presumed dead because they pretend you died in the fire or are lost at sea.The birth certificate in true satanic fashion is upside down and backwards to reality;it is actually a death certificate creating an estate for the decedent and that is why it is an all caps name like on tomb stones.The beast refers to the crown(corporation of the ciy of london).The crown owns the name because it created it and has registered the name(the name of a man or woman is the given names without the family name as it is not yours)Men and women(non-resident aliens in their system) don’t have first,middle,last names only dead fictions do. Like persons/united states citizens/residents/corporations etc.The mark of the beast in your forehead refers to you thinking you are the birth certificate name.The right hand refers to you signing for the name(most people are right handed and back in the day there was no lefties cause they were discourage from using the left by burning it when they used it;they were all righties.The name of the beast belongs to the crown and the number of the name (all accounts held by the name)also are owned by the crown.No man shall buy nor sell save he the mark,name,or number means you can’t aquire anything in this system unless you provide id belonging to the crown.Just try it,you will find out it is impossible to operate normally without it.You must do so by private necessity or move to the bush.There are lots of material out there that proves my point.I am always suprised that so called christians continue to ignore the creator and stay in the system when they are commanded by the god of the bible to come out of her “the beast system”If anyone on this site is still a sheeple and acting for the Beast’s name you might want to check out some of this.

      • NaySayer

        Um Free, dude, paragraphs are your friend. It makes it hard to read in one big bunched up form.

        • freedumbs'ear

          Yea sorry. It was a bit rambling and lacked structure but you get the idea.What do ya want for internet musings.I’ll try to make it a little more structured in the future.Peace

  • Glitter 1

    It all sounds so good for this moment in time.He’s stating the obvious and just taking the opposite side of the story. All of the negative comments about the pundits being wrong in 2008 and now is just grabbing the other side of the argument and that includes the Jonny-Come-Lately Don Harrold. Look, all of them,i.e. Sprott,Embry,Sinclair,Leeb,Turk et all were all geniuses for the last 12 years as the PM’s were rising, now they are liars,charlatans,scammers and not to be taken seriously. The fundamentals have not changed, what has changed is the increased blatant criminal naked shorting with limitless fiat money creation.The experts all know they have egg on their faces, but remember these were the same heroes that were predicting the price rises since 2001. How quickly people forget.The original reasons the prices have gone up for 12 years are more in play than ever before,the criminals know this too,that’s why they are managing the markets even more aggressively.The truth will become more obscure as the criminal activity esculates. The manipulators also read/listen to KWN and other publications daily and must get a real kick/giggle when they pull the rug out from under a Sinclair,Embry or a Turk. Just make sure you understand why you entered the Gold and Silver arena in the first place and who you read from or was told by, otherwise go buy some Apple or Google stock.

    • Glitter 1

      Oh BTW, The Manipulators are rolling around on the floor after taking Gold down $33+ and Silver down $.98 so far today. So much for the “Great Silver Freedom Purchase” revolt today. The truth is out there if you can recognise it.

      • Ed_B

        At some point in mid-giggle-roll, it may occur to them that they just handed us a terrific gift via smashing the price lower and making it possible for us to afford even more PMs today. 😀

    • Hannon

      People are really fickle aren’t they? I’m with you in their defence. I see alot of mud slinging from people who bought PMs and missed the latest stock market bubble.

    • harman kardon

      Well said, Glitter1.

      This is a great article with a valuable view of the PM market. There is not one item in the article that I disagree with. I also did my part today, especially with the suppressed exchange rate, in removing some silver from the market–6 Kennedy halves and 1 ASE. The ASE I was able to pick up for $27.00, very happy with that rate of exchange.

      Throwing the baby out with the bath water is a very, very bad idea. Glitter1, talking about OUR hereos–Sinclair, Turk, Embry, Sprott and the like–we all walked in lock-step when things were going good–all the way up and up and up. Now that the cartel is making some kind of statement everyone wants to call them idiots or worse. I personally believe in Mr. Sinclair to the point of still owning stock in TRX. I have not sold one share–and believe me there have been days, especially the past couple months, that I wanted to dump it all. If you no longer support or believe what Sinclair–over 45 years experience, or Sprott, over 30 experience, or Turk, over 35 years experience, or Embry over 35 years experience, then turn a deaf ear and a blind eye. But please DO NOT speak of a low-grade, NO integrity don harold in comparison to the these great men.

      • Ed_B

        “Now that the cartel is making some kind of statement…”

        They are making either a statement or a last stand. No way to know which is in progress until after the fact.

  • Adam

    “Unbookmark KWN.”

    That’s not a bad idea.

    • NaySayer

      Why bookmark any of these sites to begin with?, if they have anything good/relevant to say then it will end up here on SGT anyway. I let the folks here do the work.

  • MPB

    First, this is a good, well thought out and grounded article. Thank you Tom Goehle. That said, I had suspected this latest plunge in both silver and gold a destinct possibliy, especially today. But, I had long made the commitment years ago to hold up and weather these storms knowing that my storm shelter of them will prevail through all these continual “HAARP” induced and / or otherwise natural storms. I will just add, today even the Dow is taking a hit as well as crude oil (especailly depending on which exchange you gauge) and last but not least even the USD – Fiat $ is taking a hit. So, it’s across the board for the most part. Of course, this is hard to standby and watch regardless. Worse yet if you are already struggling to make ends meet or going under. I can’t say I am in an overly “rosey” situation currently myself but I continue to persevere till I can no more. I buy what I can, when I can, at the best possible fiat paper price adding to my meager stack and the “game” continues. Though most everyone here already knows buying at the paper price is a very tough challege.

    It the long term, which is where I had always envisioned PM’s, they will provide adequate shelter. I know no other that is a real, physical shelter sturdy enough to endure against these continual outslaught of storms, natural or otherwise. The founders saw both as the only things worthy of real money and put that into constitution. Who am I to second guess them.

    Peace all,


  • EasyEagle

    Telling the truth… Like a BOSS!

  • silver streak

    Everyone go read FOFOA Blog site it will change the way you look at metals.


    I think every silver stacker would be in a depressive moood at the present time
    watching the manipulated paper prices.
    knowing that the cartel have the backing of the most powerful
    people on this planet is also worrying.
    These corrupt organisations can print currency out of thin air
    and then use it to purchase tangible assets like gold and silver.
    When they have all the available “for sale PM’s and have forced all the little guys
    to sell their stacks, that’s when prices will skyrocket, prices will be
    controlled by them on the way up.
    A lot of people have exchanged their fiat for precious metals in their retirement
    funds, now these people have to sell off to live, they usually have no other income.
    The article was well written and would be viewed by the cartel as an aid to their cause.

    • Iguana Green

      People that have no other income than retirement checks should NOT be buying gold.
      Only Buy metal with extra cash you don’t need. One does need to pay the bills.

  • Slipstitchpass

    I can live with the point that all of these guys were wrong about the bottom as silver moved off of 50, however talking about buying at $35 when it has a chance of going to 21 and talking about buying at 23.5 when it has a chance of going to 21 are 2 different things. The biggest take home point at these prices for me is this: It is now cheaper and far far less risky to take delivery on futures contracts than it is to try and mine silver and gold. The mining sector and any will to fund it have been dealt a huge blow and that will only kill production. One thing dislocation of capital and mispricing of assets always does is fuck things up in the real world. We are going to reap what the fixers are sewing.

  • Daniel

    Great article. Why anyone would listen to Sinclair, I have no idea. The man is a joke, remember “when gold passes $1,776 it will never go below that and will go straight past $2,000.” The only person with a worse record is James Turk, that man has been screaming IMMINENT SPIKE for years. Just last year he predicted silver to $70 in 60 days when it hit $35, James is the worst at forecasting future price, I’ve never seen anyone get it so wrong so many times.

    • NaySayer

      I don’t think Sinclair & Turk are a joke, but I do think they are older men who have never conceived of the kind of manipulation and evil that has overtaken american markets. I think they live in a mindset of how america was where things like this could not happen, where free markets & market forces set prices. So they don’t always take into full consideration the manipulation of the metals.

      Paul Volcker is reported to have said that if they had just kept he metals prices under control back in ’79-’80 then he wouldn’t have had to raise interest rates so much to keep the economy from crashing down. They learned their lesson this time, they are controlling the metals desperately and even blatantly now.

      • Ed_B

        “Paul Volcker is reported to have said that if they had just kept he metals prices under control back in ’79-’80 then he wouldn’t have had to raise interest rates so much to keep the economy from crashing down.”

        As someone who was a young adult when Volcker was doing his thing in the 1980s, I can tell you that his real concern was inflation. He raised interest rates to never-before-seen levels specifically to let some air out of the US economic bubble that his predecessors, Arthur Burns and William Miller, had created. He succeeded in doing that but only because he was willing to deliver STRONG medicine right to the suffering patient. I will add that the REAL inflation that he was battling at the time was about 1/2 of the 9.5% inflation we have today… and, no, I do not refer to the fake inflation numbers that Bernanke et al dream up on a napkin during their expensive dinner meetings but to the real numbers generated by economist John Williams of

    • Iguana Green

      I have to agree. Nobody can predict the future. Turk means well.
      He’s kinda like a 6 year old kid crowing the sky is falling.
      No offense to Turk. But give it a rest pal.

  • The Truth

    I could not agree with this article more. I really have no intentions of selling right now so I stack what I can afford for another day when SHTF. We still live in a paper paradigm and the real is to stack some paper too. I for one will not be walking around with a stack full of silver if and when SHTF. If the uninformed wants paper that they will get. If the informed will only take silver or gold that they will get. I still believing in having different forms of wealth no matter what. E.g people may not see toilet paper as an asset, but when SHTF, to some people it is like a warm bath…LOL! I wish the price would go lower because it helps with my averaging. It will have to go to 15.00 before I break even so for me it is what it is. I buy when I believe it is necessary or have extra. I was never good at predicting a market direction, but I am good at getting in early whichever direction. Stack for preservation of wealth not for price!!!

    • Ed_B

      Great comments, Truth. Stacking for a SHTF scenario does not merely involve PMs. Lovely and useful as they are, so too are food, fuel, tools, weps, ammo, and, yes, TP too! Anyone who REALLY wants to appreciate the value of TP should try going without it for a week. lol

  • Johnny

    The writer states: “If the paper price doesn’t matter then why does everyone get bent out of shape when the price gets slammed?”

    EVERYONE doesn’t get bent out of shape. I don’t. And I know plenty of others who don’t. Why? Because it’s the paper price. It’s not honest, and never will be, regardless of the see saw motion of the (paper) price. The lower they smack it down, the more I accumulate. The payoff will be all the better.

    I know where it’s going, and that’s up. I don’t know when. Nobody does, hence my irritation with the broken record of predictions, whether they be timing predictions or dollar predictions.

    But I find it interesting that the writer never addressed the issue of the recent spectacular increase in physical demand of gold and silver since the waterfall drop in price, as well as the claimed shortages. It seems to me that THESE are the telling issues that we are facing today.

    Yes, most of us realize that the manipulators likely have a few more tricks up their sleeve. That doesn’t change the reality of where physical precious metals will be in the future.

    You won’t hear any bitchin’ from me. I can stack and I can wait.

  • Bacon

    Just traded paper fiat for 2,000 ounces of hard earned time and labor! Take that you paper loving bakers!

  • Tom M.

    I wrote KWN 6 months ago and begged them to keep Turk away from us. I was, of course, ignored. Whatever he was right about in the past, he’s been consistany and horribly wrong with all those imminent wild explosions predicted.

    There will be much more volatile down movement. The manipulators are scared like hell and full-in with nowhere to go. Their backs are against the wall, and when resistance appears (e.g. physical demand outstripping supply, etc.), they will double down with from-thin-air-helicopter created fiat from hell until the very moment they can no longer do so because the whole ponzi blows, AND NOT ONE SECOND sooner.They know that when that happens there will be social upheaval and folks will be looking to them for answers. Naturally, that’s a day they at all costs want to put off as far as possible.

    I’ve been saying this ever since the violent take down in silver 2 years ago. Where the price or value of PMs will stand after TSHTF is anybody’s guess, but you’ll be able to feed yourself if you have PMs then. You’ll have to trade or sell them in a black market though, because they will be outlawed or taxed, as stated in the article. The people running the show are merciless to a fault (that’s the 1% for you). Anybody doubt it, then just look at people starving/throwing themselves out of window/burning themselves to death/ dying from lack of medications in Southern European countries. Anybody here reading European news?? That show is coming to a theater next to you.

    Don’t worry what price the PMs are trading at. Don’t make this about speculating, investing or making money, but about future survival. Ask those in Cyprus about what they wish they had done 6 months ago. This plane ain’t coming out of the nose-dive it is in.

  • john

    You’re spot on with everything you say.At last someone who is realistic.

    • Iguana Green

      I like this article too. It kinda woke us all up from the dreamstate.
      I stack for profit though. And i stack for wealth-preservation. And insurance.
      But today I am eyes-open wiser to the futile efforts of our camp to manipulate the manipulators. In all honesty, the chinese got us by the balls. When they stop taking our inflated paper, perhaps the plug will be pulled from the drain of this large, overfilled sea of false wealth. American dollars.

  • eric

    I stacked less than I planned today, they were sold out of 90% (which was selling under spot), so I got their remaining $4Face (I was planning on getting $100Face), and got 20 Thalers at spot. My local store had no eagles, Only graded stuff, and everything was too overpriced for me to pull the trigger. but still, I added a little bit to the cause, still have an extra barrel if price/premiums dip over the summer.

  • k-roach

    I agree, we are quick to be positive. But this buddy of ours is right. This man had silver cojones for being realistic.

    • Tom G.

      K-roach- Thank you for your words of encouragement. (I thought things felt a little heavy today)

      Thank you Easy Eagle, Daniel, The Truth, Tom M, Evermore, and John. Your encouragement is appreciated.

      The author

      • EVERMORE

        Very realistic essay Tom G, well written.

        We may still have quite a ways before this is all over but then again it could all COLLAPSE by tomorrow afternoon.

        “Stack, prep, pray and also live for today” cheers


    Time for another Pastor Lindsey Williams Interview, we’ll get to the bottom of this, get your pad & paper.

    • Tom G.

      Waldo- hilarious!!

      “Please folks, get your pencils and paper ready.” “Please folks, I beg of you…”

      “Alex, I wish we had more time…..” “Please folks, are you ready… you’ve got to listen to me…. I beg of you…..”


    Hmm, just a couple of things about the article that seem missing…..economics of production costs and demand/supply.

    It would seem LOGICAL that if you are a mining company and prices plunge to sub-production cost and non-profit you would either slow down or mothball production all together = shortage of supply.

    CHINA, INDIA and ordinary citizens globally are acquiring huge volumes of physical (while Germany can’t even get half its gold back for at least 7 years – while other countries are starting to line up to ask for theirs back as well) – what effect on supply?

    2 MAJOR mines silver mines just collapsed or were put out of operation for the foreseeable future – what effect on supply?

    Yes TPTB will stop at nothing to prevent their own demise and history has shown WAR is one of their favourite tools to reset.
    So much of the hi-tech gadgetry of the modern Western war machine (bombs, computers etc) are so heavily dependent on the use of SILVER – what effect on supply?

    I suspect that the whole (fraudulent) system will keep going UNTIL IT DOESN’T…so, when the music stops, where would you prefer to be?

    Being 2-3 years TOO early is way better than being 1 DAY TOO LATE…

    Thanks Sean

    • johns

      Best comment on this thread EVERMORE….. facts.

      “CHINA, INDIA and ordinary citizens globally are acquiring huge volumes of physical (while Germany can’t even get half its gold back for at least 7 years – while other countries are starting to line up to ask for theirs back as well) – what effect on supply?

      2 MAJOR mines silver mines just collapsed or were put out of operation for the foreseeable future – what effect on supply?”

      No comment from the author? He responded to Waldo 20 minutes after you post. hmmmmm.

      I bought some Kookaburros this evening for the record.

      • Tom G.

        Johns- Thank you for commenting. I responded to Waldo a number of hours ago. I responded to Waldo before Evermore posted or perhaps while he was writing. Look at the times. Evermore stated facts, all of which don’t do any damage to my argument. Neither one of you made an assertion or contradicted my theses some of which were- 1) some in our camp (KWN specifically) should probably stop making erroneous bottom calls because I think they are discouraging to our camp, 2) I do not think the economy is going to collapse anytime soon (Keiser’s call for global economic collapse by April has now come and gone, 3) the divergence between paper and physical was greater 5 years ago and yet the Comex/LBMA didn’t default, therefore why would they now?

        I am not married to the last point. Like I stated they may default, and if the cartel is bold enough (stupid enough) to take it much below $20 then they probably will default.

        Thank you for reading my article and commenting. Have a nice night.

        The author

        • johns

          Done deal Tom. I have noticed that Turk seems to be a “clue” for a smackdown. Since everytime he speaks on KWN I cringe, and whamm bam-thank-you-mam, down they go.

          Have a nice night to you as well.

      • EVERMORE

        Thanks johns!

        I agree with the sentiment of Tom’s article but truly the current international economic climate could easily go to the crapper in a day.

        My DEEPEST CONCERN for “stackers” is the TIME it may take from the mathematically certain future collapse of the current markets and the establishment of a NEW and internationally legitimate/recognised PRICE DISCOVERY mechanism….it potentially could take YEARS to re-establish a viable market (which suggests “stackers” also need to be “preppers”)….but with so many expert “theories” we just won’t know until “the fat lady sings”..

        All the best to everyone at visiting SGTREPORT – Sean’s achievement is extraordinary – well done!

        • freedumbs'ear

          I disagree.There is no money and therefore no debt.All there is a fraud scheme fondly known as the matrix.A prison for your mind.The mathematics are such that there is no limit to the size of numbers that can be created and therefore no mathematically certain collapse.Take a look a Japan Inc.Their economy reached full potential in 1989 and has faded ever since into a depression.
          Fast forward today and you see nothing but illusion controling all economies.The problem being that the sheeple might wake up when they figure out that the numbers are so big that their illusion of reality is shattered and they start coming after the Bankster criminals like in Ice Land for deceiving them into thinking that their was money and debt.It just aint so.Peace

          • MS

            For my “money”, this was the most thought-provoking comment on this thread. No offense to others as there is so much intelligent discussion taking place.

  • NaySayer

    You shouldn’t feel bad if you had to sell some of your physical for fiat for a good reason, I am sure we have most of us done the same at some point.

    The one and only silver eagle I own (it looks cool and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about) I bought back in ’12 for $35 + $5 premium from the local nearest coin shop. Ouch! but I am still not sorry I got it. I look at it and it represents security for food, meds, protection etc. in fact for all the things it could buy when things do slide off into the inevitable chaos.

    But then I sold a 2.5 gram .925 (sterling) piece of jewelry that I picked up for .82 cents (no, I am not kidding, I paid .82cents for it) on ebay and I got over $14 for it. See, the price mark ups on jewelry are horrifically high & since most of my stack consists of jewelry & collectible sterling items I can always sell a piece I am tired of etc. for far more than it is intrinsically worth.

  • Davie

    All I know is when I went to my dependable coin shop here in Canada which has always had supply, they were sold out of all silver Maples, 5oz and 10 oz bars, you could buy Maples today for delivery a month from now for $27.50 or so, almost $4 over spot, when they had Maples in stock for immediate delivery — this week — they were selling them for $29+, no Bisons, some junk rounds were available for $3 over spot, and some Sunshine Mint 5oz rounds were available for $27. No new stock was anticipated for a while unless someone sold.

    Sure I could have waited for better prices, and yes much of my silver today is under water, but if I’d wanted to buy as much as I have today, it would not be available.

    How many things that you can’t get easily are falling in price? This is the Bizarro we are living in now.

  • JAB

    Hmmmm…. the world is up-side-down… who knows what will happen

    • NaySayer

      There IS an objective reality still at play. The NWO globalists and their pet politicians & media whores are doing their best to make it look like the world is in fact THEIR upside down mess, but it isn’t. Always remember, the Mexican Government said up until the night before, that they would never ever ever devalue the peso. Then they did it anyway and said, well they had to. THEY LIE. THEY CHEAT, THEY STEAL.

      Sites like this one are important for those of us who have the capacity to see reality as it is objectively to provide support to each other. Haven’t you ever had to deal with somebody and they do something so crazy or selfish or whatever that you call up a friend who is rational and say, “I desperately need a reality check, is this behavior that X did crazy or is it just me??”. Because when you feel like you are the only one who is sane in the nutfarm then you need others to tell you that you are still sane, that just because the majority are nuts it doesn’t make them right. That they are still headed for a cliff and you are the few who are running away from it as they are singing & laughing towards death.

  • Troy

    Lets see some numbers guys and gals…HOW MANY OUNCES DID YOU ORDER TODAY? I ordered 30 ounces.

    • Brian

      Ordered NONE! Buying silver didn’t work when that nutjob Max Keiser called for it last time.Its all a ponzie scheme and sounds like you keep falling for the scam

  • NaySayer

    Bought a bit of 90%, but i’m not about to tell people online how much.

  • General Ben Partin

    I appreciate the banks and the COMEX keeping the price down while I stack – I know it won’t last forever, but I’m hoping they can keep it going for another couple of years.

  • Bobby

    The HANDLE on the 30 year cup formation is almost complete! New all-time highs by year end 2013 in the bag…Buy some long out of the money Silver Calls…you will do just fine. If not, then just buy the PHYSICAL where you can find it…

  • Iguana Green

    My advice is to stay away from the BIG dealers.
    Find a small independent gu or gal tht sells coins and PMs.
    They are out there. No paper trail. No Credit cards. And for God sakes. No bank account #’s and western union transfers.
    Talk about a neon sign.

  • Troy

    I took a Slave Queen in an airtite to my work today…and my boss said “Where can I get those” He is selling a small lot for $40,000 and wants to invest around $15,000 of it in silver.

  • Ldh

    The markets (all) are corrupted including PM. They have destroyed pricing mechanisms. I too gave up on the PM’s are going to the moon. But I bought today. Why? What else is worth anything? You’re born penniless and you leave that way. You just do the best you know how to.

  • delllat

    Tom’s writing is great. It is to the point. No preservatives, GMO’s or artificial flavors.
    But to those Fake silver prophets…..
    Silver to $100. Then I read $150. Then $200, $250 then $500. then higher.
    I even heard that it could be at par with gold for a short moment. I forgot what dingle berry mentioned that. I’ll keep stacking no matter what, because of the feds mathematically inevitable catastrophe. This ending crescendo will have NO applause at the end of the music. It will hurt. It will bring much pain for those not ready.
    However, we could all do without the blatant silver presstitute propaganda. These fake silver prophets……..

    Deuteronomy 18:20-22

  • andrew james

    It’s not pie in the sky to say that we will see $45/oz Silver again. That is not going out on a limb too much. I bought in at $25.25/oz today. I’m looking at 80% upside potential in the short term with that purchase when Silver reaches $45/oz again. Who cares how low it goes in the interim? This doesn’t get any easier. OK if prices drop lower then it gets easier. Show me something with better upside potential on the DOW or the NASDAQ.

  • Chuck

    I would rather be prepared 10 years early than be a day too late. There are so many black swans floating in the pond. It will take the smallest trigger to make the some or the whole flock to take off.

  • Silverman

    At last someone calls attention to the King World News Propaganda

  • Matt

    I’m hoping this paper scheme goes on for a while because that will give me more time to accumulate real wealth while the going is good. Once this game ends, all the things we need will be much harder to come by.

  • Mac

    Bloomberg TV all day yesterday ran a “NEWS” caption at the bottom of your TV screen with words to the efffect that THE FED MEMBERS MAY CUT THE AMOUNT OF QE TO $50 B FROM $85 BILLION.

    I live in Asia and from noon, I think, till after midnight (12 noon NY) Bloomberg was manipulating us all – with conjecture, just words to panic gold holders.

    They are evil. They are a danger to society. Also, they cause people with good hearst to be crushed under the weight of their propaganda and self serving lies – Bloomberg, owned by the mayor of NY City, basically works for Goldman and JPM and the Fed. Period.

    They are not a “NEWS” company , no they are like undercover operatives for the Banksters.

  • Sandor Bors

    Are the majority of extended comments here evidence of weak hands being shaken out even among the “faithful”???? Or just a bunch of frustrated curmudgeons who won’t sell???
    Oh, Pray tel…

  • ChainMailArmor

    No one knows when this SHTF event will finally happen that puts a nail in the coffin for the dollar but I am confident at this point that this future event is a mathematical inevitability. That’s why when the paper price of gold/silver goes down which is obviously blatantly manipulated it does not bother me anymore because I understand that in the end fiat currency will be worthless as has happened thousands of times throughout history. Knowing this is what I call “being awake”.

    I just laugh when people try to treat the physical gold/silver market like the stock market. Price discovery for precious metals is currently flawed and manipulated period. The natural laws of economics like supply and demand will eventually win out but not until confidence in fiat is lost. Can anyone predict what event will cause a loss in the confidence in fiat currency or when it will happen? No. So we keep stacking “knowing” that the physical commodity in hand is worth more than the perceived value of the fiat currency used to purchase this commodity.

    Yeah your always going to feel burned if you have to sell physical for fiat when the price has been manipulated lower. The goal should be not to have all your eggs in one basket. You should have food. You should have your living situation taken care of and you should have a little cash in reserves.

    One thing I know for sure is that you can never lose if you never sell for less than you paid for it.

  • Scott Wolf

    This is all so simple:

    1)Forget about the price of metals in fiat.Everyone on this website should already know this.It does not matter.

    2)Buy what you can-especially silver.I don’t care if it’s one ounce or one hundred.Every physical ounce you take delivery on is another nail in the paper coffin.Even a few ounces puts you light years ahead of the sheeple.

    3)Bring as much joy and happiness into the daily lives of those people who are important to you.

    4)Have faith.


    BREAKING NEWS Bix announces………….
    The Manipulation of Silver is OVER!!!! I am not being funny I really believe he is correct this time!

  • Tib

    You speak a lot of sense, Tom. The bullion banks do not control the world. However, I think the Chinese and the Russians are more than happy to play along for a few years, while they steadily accumulate gold. They think long term.
    I think the catalyst for drastically higher gold prices will be when we see an increase in the velocity of money, and inflation really takes off.

  • Tom G.

    Tib- Thank you for reading my article and for posting so far down the thread. You’re right, the velocity of money is low right now which is why they can fudge CPI, etc. I think you are right about the velocity of money. I think war, the imminent threat of war, a downgrade of US debt or of course a bust of the COMEX/ LBMA would get the metal prices moving to the upside. I was thinking about it this afternoon and when the dollar collapses (probably due to a US debt downgrade that is the last straw) that would also force gold and silver to go parabolic.

    Thank you for posting so far down and for reading my article Tib.


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