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A Different View of Silver

Why does silver move so much further, and faster, than gold…?

by Miguel Perez-Santalla , Silver Seek:

The SILVER MARKET often gets a bum rap. The reason is that often its gyrations are much greater than those of the gold market.

What causes this? There are theories that bankers and investment companies are conspiring to try to manipulate the market. However, buying or selling alone is not a conspiracy. It is called a speculation. Where conspiracy begins is poorly defined in law, especially where it’s one through market trading. But one factor is true: market perception can be changed by those with big wallets.

There have been times over my 30 years in the precious metals markets that I felt perception was being directed, if not manipulated, by bigger players.

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2 comments to A Different View of Silver

  • Frank Zak

    Silver is overproduced 207 million oz a year,
    even after all coinage demands.
    Current inventories will double in
    less than 5 years.

    Silver is great stuff. But, our generation may
    not see it reach undersupply.

    Silver can only go up if gold goes up.
    Silver right now is all hype.

    I saw this in 1980. Everybody and their mothers
    are holding silver now. Far worse than 1980.

    If gold drops to $1,000 over the next few years,
    silver could very easily go back under $10.

    Look at palladium. Why didn’t these dealers tell
    you to buy Canadian palladium maple leafs ?
    Its underproduced.

  • Glitter 1

    Silver is up 2300% since 1965 when a silver dollar was $1,it’s now $23+.In 1965 there were ~5 billion ozs above ground surplus/supply, which is all used up/consumed.How did silver increase 2300% with billions of ozs of above ground supply/surplus. IT’S ALL ABOUT INFLATION FRANK,NOT SUPPLY.You really should stop this drivel.

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