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9/11 – The Hard Facts

from Mike Wayne:

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2 comments to 9/11 – The Hard Facts

  • niixeee

    Who stood too gain the most through a 9/11 Attack?? 2.3 Trillion Dollars evaporated just like that? DING DING DING…. Thats your answer folks!!!!

  • John Adams

    You know I’m surprised that Jacobson and his buddies haven’t called this video “hate” or anti-jewish.

    After posting this Sean, I am pretty sure you know are aware of who and what is behind this. The evidence is everywhere

    I know you see the evil and what it really is and who they really are. Also the source of that evil. The more you learn you more you cannot help but know. There are a lot of great posters on your site alerting people to the truth. I hope that you read their posts and look at the links that they’ve provided.

    Now you know that Judaism is the real Satanism. That’s the spiritual battle aspect, no doubt about it. You know it’s a spiritual battle, totally right.

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