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18 Year Old Faces 20 Years in Jail on “Terror Charges” for a Facebook Post

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig:

Guess why 18 year old Cameron D’Ambrosio is being held on one-million dollars bail and faces twenty years in prison?  The answer is “terror charges.”  This case is a perfect example of why I am so against using the word “terrorist” in general at this point.  Think about all the pointless wars and erosion of domestic civil liberties that have been justified in the name of this never-ending Orwellian “war on terror.” We’ve been tricked, and in the future anyone that does anything the oligarchs and politicians don’t like will be named a “terrorist” and be subject to the aggressive terror laws that most states passed after 9/11.  We need to take a giant cultural deep breath and react to terrorism in a sane way before we lose what’s left of our dignity and freedom.  Be very suspicious of anyone who uses the word “terror” too often.  They are trying to keep you in fear, and if you are in fear, you are easily controlled.  From Gawker:

Yesterday, D’Ambrosio was absent from school, but messing around online, changing his profile photos and tweaking his status updates. At approximately 12:20 pm, one of his peers alerted MHS administration that the Methuen native had posted “disturbing verbiage” on Facebook, lyrics menacing enough for the school to call the city police.

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1 comment to 18 Year Old Faces 20 Years in Jail on “Terror Charges” for a Facebook Post

  • Rodster

    If we can’t define the enemy then I’m all for pulling out of every conflict around the world. Just leave and let them kill each other. What is a TERRORISTS? When the Boston bombings took place we were told they were dark skinned males? What’s that African American? Muslim? Arab? What is a dark fucking skin male? :roll:

    We have become so politically correct we can’t protect ourselves. Instead the TSA harass 80 year old white women but we won’t mess with some dude in a turbin because that means the ACLU or some other group who will bring the law down for touching a Muslim person.

    Just get the hell out of their countries and leave them be. Stop being the World’s Police, it doesn’t work because America no longer has any balls to follow thru on anything.

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