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The U.S. of Tyranny, according to Dr. Ron Paul…

by Jim Sinclair, JS Mineset:

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3 comments to The U.S. of Tyranny, according to Dr. Ron Paul…

  • 8Ball

    Chris Duane met with him and if I remember correctly he told him: “You spent 30+ years in congress and what have you accomplished?” I agree, RP spent all that time pissing into to the wind and all he ended up doing is getting his pants wet…

    Now that he is out of congress he is being used as a focal point for the Liberty movement. RP is good on pointing out the shortcomings of our governmental system but has accomplished very little in actually effecting any real change.

  • He never even intended to win the election. He refused to out the Rebubs for the vote rigging or even the violence of the Romnuts against his delegates. Now he is on a ‘Home Schooling” kick. Far too little far to late. He should just go home and let people progress beyond the political ‘theater’ and get real with getting ready for the inevitable fight and deprivations coming. He is doing a disservice to us by acting as if there is a political solution. There is none left. Just look around. Are we “Free”?
    And his son; a McCain in the making. Armed Drones in every LEO’s car? He said just that on Beck’s show.

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