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Clif High On the “Global Coastal Event” – Interview with Sean David Morton

[Ed. Note: We’ve seen many webbot predictions come and go, some come to fruition, others do not. Our advice, no one can fault you for preparation, but do consider taking any of the following with a large grain of salt.]

from ehyeshua:

Global Coastal Event – Remote Viewing Validation Studies – Self organizing collectives form quickly and rise out of the chaos of the world’s collapsing civilization. Clif communicates his tremendously positive outlook on the future of humanity with the complete destruction of the world’s evil empires and the building of a new paradigm of human cooperation including new technologies such as zero-point (free) energy. Clif indicated that by the year 2020 the Internet would be rebuilt to many parts of the planet reaching total transmitted data levels of approximately 1% of levels today.

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2 comments to Clif High On the “Global Coastal Event” – Interview with Sean David Morton

  • steelerdude

    Agree Sean, someone with up to date computer tech needs to audit Cliffs programs….being a programmer myself, Im sure his programs are sooooo out of date of what to look for and find….

    Sorry Cliff….you were great back in early 2000’s….but your way out of whack and missing at least half the data today…

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