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Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: Joe Biden Calls for a NEW WORLD ORDER

from Woodrow Voluntaryist:

[Ed. Note: Joe says, “The affirmative task we have now is to create a New World Order… We have to do what we do best. We have to lead.” We wonder if Joe is referring to the endless unconstitutional wars, the drone strikes on wedding parties or the illegal wiretapping of American citizens. Because this man’s government is indeed the best, at all of those things.]

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8 comments to Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: Joe Biden Calls for a NEW WORLD ORDER

  • dan

    FUCK YOU AND THE NWO…..from an ‘AMERICAN CITIZEN’…who is not a socialist and liar….thank you very much…..

  • Rodster

    NWO = Elites vs the Serfs

  • suzanne

    New world order, huh? Biden is a psychotic chunk of poop! He makes me sick.
    Making us “competitive” with other markets by dragging our wages down to that of China isn’t recovery. Minimum wage jobs aren’t going to recover our economy.
    Arresting these twerps… the banksters and their captured political class… is the first stage to recovery. Followed by writing off all the debts, going after the offshore tax havens, bringing our soldiers back, securing our borders, raising tariffs against foreign made goods and making companies manufacture here in order to sell here in the US.

  • Ronald Klatsch

    Suzanne, you nailed it. Nice rant.

  • Eric

    Non Compos Mentis! Where are the men with white coats? Joe blow is completely mental! He is unstable and should be immediately confined to a padded room before he opens his big mouth again. Speaking of big mouths, Chris blowhard Matthews would benefit from a padded room also.

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