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Will Google Glass Change the World?

Is Google bringing The Matrix to life?

by Doug Hornig, Casey Research:

Are you a cyborg?

Chances are, you don’t think of yourself that way. Normally I don’t either although, according to a common, loose definition of the term – “an organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology” – I am one. I’ve had cataract surgery, so my eye is now a synthesis of organic and synthetic parts, which meets another common definition. And there’s no question that my vision has been enhanced by that little piece of plastic.

If you prefer that the synthesis involve something a bit more robust, how about cochlear implants, or pacemakers, or insulin pumps, or robotic limbs wired in to the nervous system? All of these are more active than an artificial lens. They enhance the body’s natural functioning by creating and maintaining their own feedback mechanisms. They create cyborgs, walking among us.

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