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Why the United States is a Dying Country

by Steve McCann, American Thinker:

Recently Rush Limbaugh opined that the United States is a dying country. For many years that reality has been painfully obvious to those of us who immigrated to the United States having experienced first-hand the suffering inherent in the near total destruction of a nation which inevitably occurs as the end-product of immorality, despotism and radical ideology.

This nation is repeating the disastrous evolutionary process that has plagued so many failed nations throughout mankind’s history. This process begins with a society willing to reject the fundamental concept that is necessary for any nation to thrive and prosper: respect for the uniqueness of each individual and self-determination.

On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court validated abortion on demand (up to the point of so-called viability) regardless of circumstances. Many of my acquaintances celebrated this decision as a monumental advancement in women’s and societal rights.

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3 comments to Why the United States is a Dying Country

  • Rodster

    I’m glad Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin have FINALLY realized what we you know those conspiracy loving theorists have known for a few years now. That this will all play out like it did for the Roman Empire except it will be FAR worse because ALL of the economies are tied together with fiat currency. And so the collapse will have maximum impact around the world.

  • Eric

    The republic died a long time ago. It’s the cabal and the US corporation that is dying and more desperate than ever. Once they’re gone, and the system collapses, a new financial system will emerge and good times will come.

    • Ed_B

      Once they’re gone? My thought is that if things go badly for them, they will simply disappear into the woodwork like the roaches they are and lay low until more favorable times to plunder the wealth of others comes along.

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