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Why Silver And NOT Gold

from TruthNeverTold:

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4 comments to Why Silver And NOT Gold

  • Great vid Chris!
    I personally cannot wait until a 1-1 ratio with gold and silver.

    I like Silver but it would be pretty cool to trade 50 oz of Silver for 50 oz of Gold!

  • prestodo

    “At some point the market is going to realize…” At SOME POINT??? And when will that point be??? I have heard similar jargon for the past 10 years about silver and gold from people that have an investment stake in gold and silver, which guess what, you do too!! At some point there will be a huge market breakout, or at some point people will wake up and realize and start buying mass quantities…
    Let me ask you this, do you know what the most valuable commodity during hyperinflation is going to be??? It will not be gold or silver or PM’s. It will be FOOD, FUEL, and MEDICAL SUPPLIES.

    If the current revelations of how the elite are manipulating all the markets through LIBOR, and manipulating the cash flowing into commodities markets by diverting it into a paper based electronic market via all the recent good news and hype about the stock markets and all the hype about “Bit Con” (tulip mania anybody [the crowd is easily distracted and led astray to chase after whatever investment is pushed on them, including silver and gold]) and the other types of digital currency competing with “Bit Con”, and then of course all the other manipulation in the ETFs and then through the PM’s leasing, and all the other trickery to fully manipulate and artificially suppress the price for the real metals, then why, why, why would any reasonable person think or assume that there will ever be a “huge break out in the price of gold and silver and silver will surpass gold….”???

    Let’s assume that a new PM standard is set up for a new currency. It will not happen in the U.S. since we don’t have any PM’s. It will happen in China and with the BRICS. So, if you have gold and silver in the U.S., how are you going to sell it unless the individual States mandate that gold and silver can be used as legal currency?? Just think about that for a moment.

    Furthermore, how many people in the population in the U.S., your state, or local municipality even have the remotest idea of how to value an ounce of gold or silver?? Few if any when compared to the general populace. This means that if and when we have a gigantic financial collapse into oblivion in this country, you had better keep your gold and silver and try to barter and trade with food and medical supplies because the general population has a better understanding of the worth of these items.

    I hate to sound like I’m anti PM’s because I do buy PM’s, but only as a back-up and for savings for potential future investment. I do not buy into all the hype surrounding PM’s any more because the truth is that they have so many limiting capacities that the ordinary man and woman don’t want to use them if they don’t have to. It would be awesome if there was a hyperinflationary breakout in terms of Gold and Silver, but remember, valuation of a commodity is still subject to manipulation and market forces during hyperinflation as at any other time. The paper value of PM’s will not keep up with where they should be at during hyperinflation just as at any time before it. When hyperinflation hits, people will be spending their fiat crap on things they need like food, fuel, and medical supplies as fast as they can. No one will want to be buying gold and silver at that point because the price is too high and you can’t eat it. Unnecessary expenses such as buying gold and silver during hyperinflation will be completely cut. Remember, during the Weimar hyperinflation, rent was reduced down to 10% of expenditures for renters, spending 90% of their income on food alone.

    This is why food storage, or owning a small farm, or stocking up on medical supplies would be a much better investment in preparation for hyperinflation that PM’s.

  • AgShaman

    This video is bad advice.

    Yes, silver has more uses and should see a better advance percentage-wise when the final phase of the bull market commences. It deserves the bulk of weighting in one’s portfolio based on the above ground and in-situ global supplies as well as the GSR’s inability to reflect those statistics.

    Silver is still like a bad case of leprosy…and stackers are setting themselves up to get “torched” badly in the future, should they be too close-minded to see the Puppetmasters have never released their stranglehold on the serfs for centuries and will most likely not relinquish it under any circumstances. They will attempt to keep all markets…including PM’s, irrational beyond the resolve and capacity for endurance of most silver stackers.

    Their mouths salivate…when thinking of the destruction of the silver enthusiasts.

    Gold is a good hedge against what these bankers have planned for humanity and the end of civilized societies. Silver stackers are headed for deep and choppy waters to not at least have a little gold within their stacks to survive unforeseen happenings

    • Glitter1

      Ag, You are correct and I concur.The only true refuge for preservation/navigation to what is coming is the Lord’s Hedge Of Protection. Gold and Silver are simply tools to be used,not to be the basis of faith.

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