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Who REALLY Created BitCoin

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to Who REALLY Created BitCoin

  • fonestar

    More disinfo and FUD from supposed computer science expert Chris Duane. Bitcoin is just the amalgamation of already extant technologies, p2p networking and encryption techniques we use every day in web browsing, online banking, etc. What Satoshi and Bitcoin really did was solve the “double spending” problem of virtual currencies.

    Of course you could just research this and draw your own conclusions but it’s far easier to call every new technology a plot or conspiracy and let someone like Chris Duane do the thinking for you.

  • Brett

    Based on the title of the post “Who REALLY Created BitCoin” and the subject of the video, I guess the inference is that bitcoin was created by the CIA.

    OK so since we’re already engaged in wild speculation anyway, I want to ask a question. Who is attacking the bitcoin exchanges? Who would have motivation to do so?

    What happens when a bitcoin exchange suffers a meaningful attack? The price of bitcoin tumbles. In fact, the bitcon price crashed to less than penny after a major attack on Mt. Gox about two years ago, did it not?

    So you can’t steal bitcoin, at least not on a large scale, without causing it to lose value. I find this aspect of bitcoin fascinating. Imagine stealing something from a vault but, as soon as you, it loses value. And the more you steal, the less value what you stole has. Fascinating.

    So again I ask, who is attacking these exchanges? Is it people who want to steal bitcoin, or is it people who want bitcoin to lose value?

    Who would want bitcoin to lose value (besides Chris Duane LOL j/k!!! )? No but seriously, who wants bitcoin to lose value, to be killed as a viable alternative currency? I’ll give you a hint, their initials are TPTB.

    Now, it would stand to reason that any enemy of the TPTB is a friend of anyone in the SGT community, right? I mean, that’s the first best reason to like bitcoin right there!

    If you are not even so much as willing to consider the possibilities of bitcoin or something like bitcoin, then the simple fact of the matter is that you have an absolutely nonnegotiable, fanatical, religious belief in an impending physical apocalypse.

    That’s all we’re talking about here, entertaining an idea. We’re not talking about actually putting your money into bitcoin. Although I recommend everyone put a few dollars in just for fun. It is effortless. All you have to do is be willing to believe in something more than, anything more than, absolute physical destitute. Even if it doesn’t pan out, you are putting your desire and intention into the possibility of an electronic system that works for everybody instead of TPTB.

    That is, of course, unless you WANT and are HOPING for the entire planet to be reduced to physical rubble. Or you believe in science fiction like EMP. As an electrical engineer, I am aghast at how that keeps coming up in this community.

    Bitcoin is just a proxy for a larger conversation. As Chris Duane would be the first to tell you, this is about psychology. Unfortunately, he does not seem to recognize that he himself has his operating from own psychology, as each of us does. His steadfast anti-bitcoin stance does not appear to be founded upon any journalistic inquiry. It appears to be based on a blind and fixed belief in “Physical good. Virtual Bad. Grunt.” Perhaps my mistake is continuing to hold on to this idea that Chris is a journalist, not a pundit.

    I believe everyone should own physical silver and gold and be in possession of it. I believe everyone should have provisions for discontinuities in our structural systems. I believe not everyone but probably a bunch of people should have guns, but without the expectation of needing to use them. Now that we’ve got that settled, I don’t think it’s being too irrational to at least consider the possibility that the planet will NOT be reduced to physical rubble, and that there may be some Good News along with the Bad News that we know is coming. I would like to be prepared for that Good News.

    How much does it cost to put your toe in the water? Just to consider the possibility that we may have an electronic system that works for the people? Wouldn’t you have wanted to be a part of that? How many of you think this rant is just my way of pumping up bitcoin just so I can dump it later? Is that what this sounds like to you? Do I sound like I’m pro-bitcoin? If you think so, then you’ve missed the point.

    There is a common topic in this community that is “When did you first wake up?” For a lot of people, the answer involves 9/11 in one way or another. Indeed many people are partially awake now. But if you still believe that a physical apocalypse will reduce us all to the crudest of physical lives and that this is a 100% certainty, then you haven’t finished waking up yet.

  • Glitter1

    Here’s my comment from a couple days ago.
    April 5, 2013 at 7:36 pm · Reply
    I’ve got news for you guys about Bitcoin.Don’t be surprised if we all find out someday/somehow soon that Bitcoin is a plant and the invention/trial balloon of the NWO PTB.The NWO plans for a Gold Back Digital Currency,possibly by 2016(David Rockefeller 2012).Bitcoin or some thing similar fits the bill and all will use(like it or not) this new digital currency along with the planned RFID biochip implant so as to prevent identity theft.

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