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Who Obama Takes Orders From—The Pilgrims Society!

by Charles Savoie, :

Paul Volcker is Obama’s top economic adviser and heads the Group of 30 in the District of Columbia, an alliance of metals suppressing central banks! This is the same Volcker who arranged a billion plus “bailout” loan for the Hunts in the wake of crushing margin calls they got due to the silver price collapse in late January 1980, arranged by former Treasury Secretary William Simon of the COMEX board. While at Treasury, Simon bombed gold for a near 50% decline. Volcker arranged loans for the Hunts from a consortium of megabanks run by Pilgrims Society members like Sir Dennis Weatherstone of J.P. Morgan & Company. The terms of the loan were “spiked” so as to cause the Hunts to be dispossessed of 59 to 63 MOZ silver by 1986 (estimates vary). I see a tax filing at Guide Star showing Volcker as a vice president of The Pilgrims in New York. American Opinion Magazine, May 1978, pages 73-74 mentioned this precious metals thief/suppressor Paul Volcker—”He used to say that if the United States quit supporting the price of gold at thirty five dollars an ounce it would go to five dollars.” Volcker, major scale gold and silver suppressor, is an official of this “Pilgrims Society,” and folks—PLEASE HELP!!! GATA, Silver Doctors, Gold Eagle, Casey Research, Alex Jones, Zero Hedge, King World News and many other sites will NOT feature any of this info which I’ve heavily documented!

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