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Whistleblower Outgunned in Michigan

from Northwest Liberty News:

Clare, MI– Senior citizen Sondra White is no criminal.  She is no threat, and she has no criminal background.  She has not harmed anyone, nor does she intend to.  How do I know these things, you ask?  I know, because Sondra White is my mother.  It began near the end of January with a tenant meeting to discuss the dangerous and rapidly deteriorating structure known in those parts as, “Clare Castle,” a 3 yr. old senior living high-rise located in the middle of Michigan’s lower “mitten.” A link to the letter sent by my mother to the other 23 residents can be found here.  The residents, whose repeated complaints about breathing drywall dust, hard to open doors, and what can only be described as a raw sewage smell, came together as one unit and met to discuss their grievances.   My mother, always outspoken, is the committee chairperson for “Clare Castle,” and was the meeting organizer.  I have included the resulting notes of the resident meeting here ( page 1  page 2 ). 

As I reviewed the written request by the residents, no item listed within them seemed at all unreasonable.  You will judge this matter yourself, no doubt.  Keep in mind that these are ALL senior residents, your grandmother or elder parent’s age.  As time would tell, these actions by my mother put a target on her back as a whistleblower and her legally owned firearm came into the crosshairs.  How the knowledge of my mother’s firearm came to be known by anyone else but her is murky.  Perhaps it came up in a casual conversation with a neighbor?  I do not know these facts, but I do know that no laws were broken because her residence is private, and the firearm is legally registered to her. 

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