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Where Are The Regulators After The Historic Gold & Silver Price Drop?

from Gold Silver Worlds:

In his latest market update, Ted Butler points to an important question that remained underexposed after the price crash in several commodities. Gold and silver experienced their largest one-day drop since the beginning of the current bull market in the metals (i.e. 2001). Other commodities (for instance copper) saw exceptional price drops. The key question here is where the regulators are. Shouldn’t they at least investigate this case for concentrated positions, market distortion or manipulation? We were granted permission from Ted Butler to make the following excerpt public.

This week we have witnessed some of the biggest price smashes in history, brought about by deliberately predatory trading practices set in place by the CME and this sick exchange has the nerve to issue a press release trumpeting the record trading volume caused by the intentional market dislocation. One would think that the designated self regulatory organization (as well as the federal commodity regulator) would have something more instructive to say about extreme disorderly trading conditions than look at how much (dirty) money they are making. That sums up the problem here, namely self regulators and regulators that won’t regulate.

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  • beligerant

    Where are the regulators? That’s the question the public has been asking since the market crash of 2007 / 2008. If you can rig LIBOR which is a $60 or $70 Trillion Dollar Market and not go to jail then who’s going to complain about $20 to $50 Billion dollars of hot money rigging the precious metals market?

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