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What Will Be Your Fate, America?

by Bradlee Dean,

Can you imagine a world in which the Holocaust never occurred? Or a World War that never took place? Can you imagine all the lives that would have been saved; families that never had to be bereaved of their children; and the millions of men, women, and children whose lives could have been spared?

If only the people would have stopped the destruction before it took place. No one ever expected the Holocaust to happen. Who could imagine that such evil embodied through Hitler and his regime could have ever taken place? Were there no warning signs to the people of Germany? Yes, there were.

The Germans told the Jewish people they couldn’t swim in their swimming pools, but no one protested too strongly. Then they said they couldn’t attend their schools, “No problem,” said the Jewish people, “We’ll make our own schools.” Little by little, their rights were stripped from them and taken away through deceptive measures;

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4 comments to What Will Be Your Fate, America?


    Bradley Dean is obviously a victim of the Western Education System, he needs to study real history to understand where we are heading and by whom.


    I checked this video on YT comments disabled. Why destroy a good piece of lying propaganda with opposing comments.

  • Jay

    Are you kidding me!? Sounds like a pro-Zionist piece of propaganda. Get your facts straight on the Holocaust (aka. Holohoax) before you “ever so subtly” re-enforce the Zionist lies surrounding WWII and the deaths of millions of victims from a war that Germany did not want but was thrust upon them by the West. It’s grossly misleading in spite of your sincere effort to warn Americans of their fate. Educate yourself!

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