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Were The “Black and Tan” Men at the Boston Marathon National Guard Civil Support Teams?

from Washington’s Blog:

What about the “Craft” Mercenary?

Preface: This post is not meant either to support of debunk the theory that the Boston terror attack was a false flag operation.  There have been many false flag attacks throughout history, and we have no idea at this point whether or not the Boston bombings were real terror attacks, drills gone live, or false flags.   We also don’t want to discourage investigators and researchers from doing their own research and turning over stones to find what is hidden. This post is simply sharing our views on information about one aspect of the photographic evidence.

This post will undoubtedly be attacked from both sides: some claiming that we are engaging in bunch of nutty conspiracies, and others claiming that we’re selling out and covering up to defend the official lie.  We are doing neither … we’re simply trying to help move the discussion forward so as to focus on the most important facts.

There has been a lot of speculation on the internet that the men in “black and tan” may have had a hand in setting off the bombs.

For example, this photo – posted by 4ChanThinkTank – appears to show someone actually laying down a black backpack next to the Boston Marathon:

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5 comments to Were The “Black and Tan” Men at the Boston Marathon National Guard Civil Support Teams?

  • Johnny

    Considering that this was a high-profile public event, I have serious doubts that National Guard commanders would allow any member of a CST team to wear a hat that’s not part of their official CST uniform, whether that hat be Craft International, Blackwater or otherwise.

    If some are wearing those hats, that’s likely who they work for. That’s not to say the rest of their uniform isn’t similar to that of the CST.

    Yes, identifying who’s who is a bit confusing.

    • John

      Every CO is different. National Guardsmen are half civilian and are a lot more laid back then active duty Army personnel. Organization command clothing could support them wearing different ball caps and when the CO isn’t around some NCO’s are even more relaxed and it trickles down the ranks.

  • schlo

    you’d think by now a thousand people through social media would have identified these guys if they are American. Certainly, with all of Alex Jones’ listeners, a few of them would send in the names and locations of these guys. It should not be a big mystery at this point (unless they are foreign). I doubt they knowingly had a hand in setting off the bombs, because why would they allow themselves to be out in the open and showing their faces in an area so extensively photographed on CCTVs and by random strangers? And the casual uniforms really give them away and make them stand out. I think if they really wanted to blend in they’d be wearing jogger outfits. If one of them had a geiger counter, as it appears he did, and he knew about the bomb, he would not have bothered checking for radiation levels in the moments after the explosion (seen in photos) because he would have known what the bomb was made of. They could have been there as security subcontractors, albeit useless ones, who perhaps dropped the ball by not seeing the backpack drops. Or the unwitting foot soldiers could have been the backdrop to a drill, whereby if someone alerted police to the backpacks they could step in and say it was all a drill and remove the “dummy” bombs, I guess, though that’s a risky endeavor. A friend suggested the tan pants guys likely had communications gear and first aid stuff in their packs, yet they are not seen rendering first aid, EMTs are nearby anyway, and a satellite phone does not require a large pack.

    I don’t necessarily believe this, but I’m just throwing ideas out: the parents are so adamant about a set up that we may find they set up their kids as part of some Russian or jihad sleeper operation (“our children are property of our homeland” and “me thinks the lady doth protest too much” come to mind) to make Americans believe their government did it, and thus turn public sentiment against government and help usher in revolution and weaken the USA relative to Russia or the Muslim world. The parents seem safe back home in whatever-stan, and the parents certainly went though a very brutal war with the father likely knowing some military trade craft. Some say promoting insurgency is the purpose of RT news, and that they are old-KGB backed, since every story there pisses people off about what the US government is doing. Or Russia could have had FBI look into the older brother to allow him to be developed as a counter spy for Russia. Who knows?

  • Nick

    There were regular bystanders in the crowd willing to assist critically injured people. It doesn’t make much sense that tough private-security jocks or Navy Seals would be hightailing it out of there when then things got a little dangerous — unless these guys were in on it from the get go.

    Obviously law enforcement and the press are not interested in investigating the suspicious mercs with backpacks any further, because they are also actively involved in the conspiracy. Asking the wrong types of questions is a great way to lose one’s job, so it’s just easier to go along to get along.

    Maybe the black ops mercs are from the US, or maybe they are from somewhere else, but I certainly haven’t seen anyone successfully ID them individually, at least yet.

    There’s another argument that I find disingenuous: clearly the military guys weren’t involved in the attack, because it would be too obvious.

    Apparently some people ever heard of the idea of ‘hiding in plain sight’. If one knows that the police aren’t going to arrest,the press aren’t going to report, and that there will be no case to prosecute; then what does it really matter if one is recognized or not?

  • schlomo

    A point I havent heard mentioned is that “The Craft” is how witches (wicca), and I believe Satanists, refer to their religion. I believe there is a movie about witches called the Craft. Couple that with the skull image logo, and you get something that smacks of some satanic force spawned by the giant owl Molech at Bohemian Grove. Or maybe the name just refers to ‘tradecraft’, spook speak for their techniques and methods.

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