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Webbot’s Project – Clif High: Global Coastal Event, Gold & Silver, Social Unrest

[Ed. Note: Take with a grain of salt, because in Clif’s own words he’s just a “cranky old guy who don’t know sh%t”, but ignore it all at your own peril.]

from Clif’s Wujo, via in5d:

Topics include global coastal event, data holes, ddos warfare, algorithmic texts, bitcoin, batshit crazy GUS, silver/gold, mine slide, weather, bank failure and social unrest

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5 comments to Webbot’s Project – Clif High: Global Coastal Event, Gold & Silver, Social Unrest

  • SilverHawk

    Clif has lost all credibility. I Don’t follow him any more.

    • JT

      Then by all means, please book yourself a pacific cruise in May. Bon voyage!

      • WD-40 Works

        I agree completely. I don’t know about following Clif High but he has been on my radar for at least 15 years and I’ve made some major life choices based on the results of his work. So far it has worked out quite well for me for the most part. Bon Voyage SilverHawk

  • Eric

    Been hearing about a global coastal event for a while. It’s certainly not impossible considering all the solar flares, CME’s, earthquakes, etc. there have been in recent months and years. The next few months will almost certainly be tumultuous. Prepare accordingly.

  • Glitter1

    His call on the Sink Holes seems to pretty much on track.I listened to his last about a month ago and there were several sink hole events since.Interesting! It’s worth keeping one eye on it.Don’t know if there is a connection with info sources with Bix Weir, but he is doing a count down with the release of Silver from the Bankster’s control a month from now,29 days from today.Coincidence?

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