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We Don’t Trust You, Barack And You’ll Not Have Our Guns

by Doug Book,

The Newtown killings had anti-gunners licking their chops from CNN to Capitol Hill. Years of working to undermine the right to keep and bear arms had come virtually to naught for gun confiscationists; but they knew the deaths of 20 children could be manipulated any way they liked, allowing them to make the most asinine and unsupportable claims imaginable about the evils of gun ownership. Call it a benefit of owning the national media.

So Barack and friends spent months dancing on the graves of 20 sons and daughters while cooking up Senate bills and executive “actions” advocating every conceivable violation of 2nd Amendment rights.

But rather than intimidate Americans into disposing of firearms, every new assault on gun rights and every announced scheme to ban the purchase and ownership of weapons only accelerated public demand, especially for guns the political ruling class had threatened to confiscate!

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