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Tungsten Silver? Or More Salt in the Open Wound?

from Silver-coin-investor:

Here we go.  With worldwide physical demand for the poor man’s metal surging and the US Mint about the run out of silver eagles any minute now- again, we received the following from reader Simon.

Nothing like a counterfeit coin scare to further quell excitement in those who have not otherwise noticed the not-for-profit, right on schedule, drubbing handed to paper silver this year.

New silver investors may now add yet one more reason to avoid the heavy, bulky, unfashionable, and high-premium reality – and instead be led directly to the SLV slaughter house of (rehypothecation).

Here’s the email:

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3 comments to Tungsten Silver? Or More Salt in the Open Wound?

  • Upstart

    I have lost some serious $ through buying fake 1oz bars – all bars with major manufactures logos – no ‘art’ bars or weird stuff.

    They were weighed – 31.1 grams, and they passed the acid test (because they were clad in a good layer of real fine silver), and they were not magnetic either. There were no obvious faults in the designs either – in fact the quality was outstanding.

    They were only discovered as fake by filing through them. I only did this as a friend told me he had been caught out so I wanted to check. He had also been caught out with fake Maples, Libertads, and Eagles!

    This scared the crap out of me, and I am now left wondering just how much of my stack is real silver, and how much is silver plated/clad alloy copies. I am not going to take the file to all of my coins. I am not risking buying any more bullion coins. This has sunk my confidence and I felt physically sick as 100% of my ‘wealth’ is in Silver 1oz coins and bars and I dont know how much of this is now worth sh-t.

    Many of my fakes and my friends fakes too were bought from dealers, who were obviously fooled by the quality of these things. These are not like the fakes of old – these are real pro jobs.

    Too much time has gone since I bought them and I cant remember which ones were bought from who – so I cant take any back – even if I could find the reciepts.

    This is a video from youtube which shows what sort of quality I am talking about:

    There are many more videos this was just the first one picked out.

  • Anon

    HERE’S SOMETHING TO ALSO CONSIDER: What IF, TPTB continue to hammer down the price of silver, indefinitely, while gold continues to climb? (Hint: There are going to be A LOT OF PISSED OFF SILVER HOLDERS!)

    RSVP, please. Let’s face it, it is TOTALLY WITHIN THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY, that the powers that be, will simply keep the price of silver suppressed forever. WHO can stop them? No one. Is silver investing the final ruse, for the powers that be, to “hood-wink” all the rube silver investors?

    Since early 2011, I’ve invested $15,000.00 in silver. I had originally bought 2 oz. of gold, but sold them to go “all-in” in silver. I watched, in early 2011, as the price of silver kept going up, up and up, until the very end of April, 2011, and then, on “May Day” (May 1st, 2011), it was poised to break through the 1980 barrier of $50.00 per ounce, when, TPTB HAMMERED it back down. Today, the price of silver (per ounce, or “spot” price) is about where it was, at the end of 2010, currently at $27.00 per ounce. My silver investment is down by $4,138.00. Had I simply continued investing in gold, I’d have about 8 ounces of gold, rather than over 400 of silver, but, my investment would be ahead by at least $2,000.00 since then. Something to think about. I mean, since 1980!, silver has approached $50.00 per ounce – what? – TWO TIMES !!!

    • NaySayer

      Do you expect the money you pay in collision insurance for your car or the homeowners or renters insurance you pay for your house or posessions to go up in value or a pay a dividend? This is insurance against a loss, pure and simple.

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