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CRACKS SHOWING in the PHYSICAL Silver Market: Tulving Runs OUT of 2013 Silver Eagles As The U.S. MINT Begins Rationing Ag

by SGT, SGT Report:

MF Global, QE to infinity, Cyprus, Italy, France, Japan, Derivatives, hundreds of trillions of debt… If it weren’t for the criminal paper market, silver would be north of $100 per ounce today.

Think it can’t happen? Look at Bitcoin. From $18 to $190 (as of this writing) in two months. And you can’t use a Bitcoin to build a cellphone, a solar panel or an LED television. Bitcoin will not conduct electricity and it hasn’t been used as money for the past 5,000 years. The ONLY reason that one troy ounce of PHYSICAL silver sits below $30 today is because of the coordinated effort of the criminal banking cartel, which sells BILLIONS OF PAPER OUNCES of what it calls “silver” into the market every single month. So we stack the real stuff – PHYSICAL silver: A REAL, valuable, useful commodity – at heavily discounted prices.

Meanwhile, the fragile physical market is increasingly showing signs of stress – and insatiable demand. The U.S. Mint reported all-time record sales of American Silver Eagles in January AND February, and the Mint has now been forced to RATION future sales due to unprecedented demand. Miles Franklin recently reported they were nearly out of junk silver. And now Tulving, which requires a 500 coin MINIMUM purchase, is completely out of 2013 American Silver Eagles. By the way, Tulving is out of junk silver too. Can you see the cracks widening?


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52 comments to CRACKS SHOWING in the PHYSICAL Silver Market: Tulving Runs OUT of 2013 Silver Eagles As The U.S. MINT Begins Rationing Ag

  • SilverHawk

    Couldn’t have said it better. You people waiting for a cheaper price won’t have ANYTHING to buy, SOON. 100% Physical TODAY !

    Giddy-up ! ! (Like Cramer would say)

  • Tim

    Perthmint now regularly running out of Silver Bullion bars. They had none this morning however are now less than 250 X 10 oz and 1kg ok but still no 100 oz.

  • Tim

    Petthmint Now less than 100 X 1kg, less than 250 X 10 oz and no 100 oz

    • SGT

      Yeah but Wal-Mart and Target have plenty of physical silver don’t they? Er…. no wait, that’s cheap Chinese-made crap I’m thinkin’ of.

      • Upstart

        Talking about ‘Chinese crap’, some of their latest ‘silver’ products are good enough to fool the majority, certainly good enough to fool me, and I am certainly no fool I can assure you.

        It seems like lots of clued up people, especially those who still have a bit of confidence in human nature, are getting burnt these days, either in the markets, by trusted advisors, by the banks themselves (Cyprus was a red line and a red flag for everyone), and now in the physical food, and physical metal markets.

        A copy and paste of an earlier comment I made about silver shortages is below:

        Dont worry about supply, there is actually an unlimited supply of 1oz bullion coins and bars out there!

        The Chinese (and possibily Indians and Eastern Europeans too) are, and have been for at least a couple of years, been ‘minting’ tens of thousands of US Silver Eagles, Canadian Maples, and just about every type of bullion bar you can think of.

        In the past many of these fakes were obviously so – differnt weights, design errors, magnetic, etc, but now the quality has gone up leaps and bounds. I assume this is because the price of silver has gone up over the years so it it now pays to put more time and effort into these things, or even invest in better machines.

        Many of these are of such high quality they can fool dealers (like the fake gold regularly does). I have been personally stung with fake 1oz bars (all major mint product copies) that are of a very high quality indeed. They are even ‘clad’/plated in sufficiently thick silver to even fool the acid test, unless a big chunk is cut into the bar.

        I also have a friend who has bought a fake Silver Eagle and a fake Silver Maple. The quality of these is truely amazing, and they must contain at least a couple of grams of real silver in thier plating.

        Even side by side with ‘real’ coins these fakes require time to compare. They are perhaps one millimetre, or less, thicker than the real deal.

        As the price of silver continues to climb it will become more and more econonomical for counterfeiters to tool up and produce ever better fakes.

        Not trying to scare people off buying silver, just want people to understand some outstanding quality fakes are now in circulation – I know because because I bought some!

        • Bob a

          Do you think that is possible…bad word choice…probable at the major dealers? You know, Apmex, Provident, etc…that would suck. I’ve reached out to them about this, and they’ve said they run tests and are investing in machines to be sure there is no ‘great fool out here’ scenario being played. Man, that truly sucks that we have to about counterfeits! Seems like it would be hard to replicate a kook or a koala?

          • Upstart


            I got all my silver from a variety of small dealers and private individuals, over a period of approx 2 years (the time I have been ‘awake’ to the econonomic system). I would assume the ‘big boys’ dealing in PM’s would have better detection methods and more to loose by passing on a fake, so they would likely have better controls in place, but as I’ve never bought any metal from one of the major suppliers I dont know for sure.

            I had no idea I had any fake silver bullion until a friend showed me some fakes he had. I now know that approx 30% of my various ‘Sunshine Minting Inc’, ‘Pan American Silver Corp’, ‘North West Territorial Mint’, ‘Silvertowne’, and ‘1898 E-Pluribus-Inum’ 1 troy oz bars are fake now, but even holding them side by side with a real example of each, and knowing which is which, I still have to look twice.

            My friend had a couple of outstanding fake Silver Eagle coins – one untouched, one he cut through. The quality was, if anything at least as good as the real thing! These coins are nothing like the error containing rubbish of the past. They must contain at least some real 999 silver (in the plating/cladding I assume as they pass the acid test even after a light scratch). They are also non-metalic, and they are of the exact diameter of a real coin. They also weigh exactly 31.1 grams (on my scales). The only ‘tell’ I can spot is a slight difference in thier thickness, barely a millimetre.

            My friend sold his intact eagle to a dealer for $50 dollars as the dealer was so impressed with it he wanted it as a reference piece for his staff.

            My friend also had a fake Canadian Maple. Again, the finish on that coin was at least as good as the real thing.

            I also have personal experience of a fake Libertad and a fake Philharmonic (Euro denominated bullion coin).

            I dont know about Kooks (my favorite coins by the way), but as some people, even in the US, have bought genuine ex-government mint machines to produce thier own silver rounds, I would assume those masters of reverse engineering, the Chinese, are already ahead of the game and if not using ex-government equipment, have produced thier own equipment to mint coins to ‘government standard’.

            People have gone to great lenghts to print fake paper currency, so I have no doubt they will go to great lengths to produce fake real money.

            How much the fakes cost to produce, I have no idea, but if they could not be sold for a proffit they would not be made. As the price of real silver is set to surge, more people around the world will get into the fake business.

            I have linked one of the many videos on youtube which show fakes below. The coin in this video is very similar to the maple my friend had:

            Also, this is video showing a fake bar similar to one I bought over a year ago, although mine was not magnetic:

            Since being caught out and taken for a fool I have no intention of taking any silver at face value again. What has always go to me is why so many people think that selling a piece of junk described as a used car is ‘fair’. This mentality seems to have been carried over to bars and coins. I have learnt that some people seem to think selling fake silver as real silver is ‘fair’. In the past I would do a deal on the honor principle and with a handshake.

            Sadly so few people now have any honor that those who still hold to the principles of honor and integrity are considered fools by those who have non, and who seek to make a quick buck.

            We must all continue to buy silver to protect ourselves from economic collapse or ‘just’ currency devaluation, so please dont let my experience put anyone off buying silver – just by it carefully.

            • Bob A

              Dang, upstart, that is some scary poop. I’ve been taking everything at face value, and trust from the 3 big boys I buy from: provident, Apmex and Gainsville. My primary coins are: eagles, Brits (pre 2013), Kooks, and pandas. I’ve been on a tear with the kooks at Apmex offering most years at a great price. I have to think these are harder to fake, but who knows. I also buy a lot of the collectibles from the Perth. My ratio is 95 percent bullion, and 5% collectibles. I know a lot of folks here aren’t big into the colored coins (i.e. deadly & dangerous series), but I love them, and my kids do to, so we roll with it. Certainly not inexpensive to say the least, but heck, maybe we’ll get lucky one of these times and hit a home run (i.e Red Spider going for 1,500 – 2,000k). I just bought 10 of the deadly and dangerous snakes that came out. Love those. I’d imagine those would be very difficult to copy! :-). Anywhoo, I don’t like the thought of getting bamboozled with fakes. I just checked out the video from Yoddler. That looks good. I’m buying one for the eagles I have. Sucks that I have to go through 2,000 of those. Wil take me all day. Yuck. Thanks upstart for the feedback. 30 percent fakes??! That can’t be! I hope you are wrong. Thanks Yoddler for the Fisch!

              • Upstart


                My very high 30% fake bar ratio was because when I first started buying silver 2 years ago I really did not know how to go about it and just bought it when I saw it, including from low feedback sellers on eBay, etc.

                Most of what I bought was in the form of bars back then (as it was the cheapest form of silver I could find) so I was perhaps more vulnerable to buying a stack of fakes. The 30% figure was therfore down mostly to my bad luck (and lack of experience and judgement). I did not mean to suggest that 30% of bars/coins are fake.

                Keep stacking and dont let my mistakes put you off. I simply typed the above out so people could benefit from my experience, not to scare people.

        • Yoddler

          Here’s a system which finds the fakes and reasonably priced for the average collector:

        • Johnny

          And eBay is becoming more and more risky as well. I won’t buy any pm on eBay, a shame considering the fact that most sellers likely sell the real thing. But I simply will not chance it after hearing too many horror stories.

          • Upstart


            eBay aint that bad if you take some precautions. I still buy on ebay every now then, despite my early bad experiences, as I have learnt what to look out for. All of the items I’v bought since I was ‘bit’ have been as described and with no issues.

            If you dont mind buying coins with the Queen of Englands head on them you can find amazing bargains. I have stopped buying bullion and buy sterling silver (92.5% pure) British Commenwealth coins. Some are stunning, and as they are classed as either ‘collectables’ (as opposed to ‘numismatics’) or even ‘junk metal’ you can find them at below thier spot value in Silver.

            As I said above, my bad experience was not meant to scare people off buying silver. I actually regret writing the comments now as they seem to be having a negative effect. I wonder if SGT can delete them all?

            • Upstart


              Any chance of deleting all of my comments on this thread?

              They seem to have had the opposite effect than that which I intended (I did not want to put the fear the God into people, just air my early experience about buying silver).

            • Johnny

              Upstart, you didn’t put the fear of God in me. I made this decision long before you made your post. The “horror stories” I was referring to were from eBay buyers that I was already familiar with. All you did was further confirm it.

              I know there’s legit sellers on eBay, maybe people who are posting here are eBay sellers. And as I said, I don’t doubt that most eBay sellers are legit.

              But I’m speaking strictly for myself, it simply isn’t worth it to me when I have other options available that I’m comfortable with, at least in so far as .999 is concerned (which I should have clarified).

              And yes, I have purchased (on eBay) that wicked witch that you refer to, though I prefer Duane’s version!

              And that sterling you buy does sound good. That’s still an option going forward that I might consider. I certainly have NO objection to sterling, and have purchased my share of world coins with much less silver content than than that of sterling. May do so again.

              Anyway, don’t regret the comments. People need to be aware and purchase intelligently.

  • DD

    tulving is sold out of eagles, maples, all 90%, 40%.. and even some 10 and 100 oz bars. every site i check, physical is gone, or very tight… i guess “shaking the paper leaves” isn’t working?

  • Travis

    A co-worker and I scooped up the rest of the silver eagles at my local coin shop last Thursday (I live in a major city). They said they weren’t even ordering junk silver because it was more expensive than eagles, they still had some random silver bars and rounds at the time. They had plenty of gold. I need to check in and see how things are progressing there.

  • Eric

    If you guys can find any of the Canadian wildlife series, kookaburras, or anything else brotherjohnf talks about, semi numismatics are a great way to go…but only after stacking dimes, quarters and eagles. I think the grizzlies I bought a year or 2 ago were selling for around $50 recently. Apmex looks like they still have some of the bison and that’s the last of the series.

  • JC

    I went to my coin dealer the other day at noon. He said I was the 7th person looking for an ounce or two of physical, but he had nothing ….

  • Alvin

    Where is the industrial silver demand coming from? Things must be getting tight for APPLE? Sure that companies light that are loving the low price. How long do you think it will be until companies like apple will seek silver from the private sector to get silver? Could we see one day, actual AUCTIONS on silver? Highest bidder? Something has got to give.

  • Hondo Stalwart

    Looking for silver? Eagles are scarce but bars and junk plentiful. Here is a hi-line dealer.


    +Interesting article by investor Thom Beecham “Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses”

    PS- I don’t know what to believe anymore????

    • Ed_B

      Gold bugs can expect more losses? Well, good! I am in the acquisition phase right now, so lower priced gold would be good. With lower prices, I can buy more ounces!

      • Eric

        Me too. Building up my powder and looking for a new local shop since mine closed :(. Waldo – ultimately the paper price is going higher. Remember, Gold is savings with no 3rd party counter risk. Building long term wealth. My spidey sense tells me another false flag might be coming and we’ll see lower prices and dry supply. Let’s hope not.

  • Brian

    LOL Silver eagles Still plentiful…Apmex has plenty..coast to coast (plenty)…my local dealer..(plenty)

    these articles are very laughable…Tulving is ONE dealer

    • SGT

      um …and the US MINT IS RATIONING SALES… so there’s that. Add up ALL of the PHYSICAL dealers; Apmex, Gainsville, Provident, Liberty CPM, etc. and you have a small handful of physical precious metals dealers in a world drowning in fiat. But you already know that.

  • Tony (fake imposter)

    LOL @ cracks showing………I bet Chris Duane has plenty too as long as you want to pay $5 over spot

  • SilverHawk

    Brian. Never met an intelligent “Brian”. You can tell a lot by a person’s name.

    First of all Tulving has the cheapest premium for G&S in the country, so they will run out first. Second, APMEX does not list the amount of silver they hold in the vault. They may advertise the product, but there is no guarantee the next caller will complete the sale. APMEX has been totally out of ASE’s in the past, so go ahead and wait a few days to order.

    Looks like the “Paid Shills” are moving in. They already are all over the “SS” forum

    • Brian

      I’d say you’re the idiot SilverHawk.I’m Far from a paid schill.(where is my schill paycheck??)Apmex has plenty of inventory…just type in how many when you add something to the cart,you idiot.;)

      I know several online dealers besides Apmex with ready to be sold Silver local dealers has them too 😉

      Some of you are so blinded by GREED and blinded by shiney metals that you don’t want to hear anything different

      So what if the Mint is rationing..the dealers have them to purchase because they are the ones who bought up the inventory to begin with for resale.

      OH and precious metals will not save you in the day of the wrath of the Lord.

      • Wrath of the LORD? The planet is gone to hell in a hand basket, if there is to be a WRATH, should have been done a LONG time ago. Seems he is scared of the Luciferians running the show. He built this world so his nemesis could destroy it? Seems petty to me. You think that stackers are GREEDY? Dang, even squirrels store nuts for the winter. Guess they greedy too. Preparing for a paradigm we live in and have little control over is not greedy. What would you do to save your family? Wealth can be spent for good too.

      • SGT

        Brian, you wrote: “Some of you are so blinded by GREED”…? As silver has been bludgeoned by a criminal banking cartel which has smashed the price from $48 to $28 over a two year period? Their criminal assault on this undervalued commodity somehow makes US “greedy”? You really ought to look up the meaning of the word “greed”. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

        • Alvin

          Trying to save and store your hard earned blood, sweat and tears (energy)is NOT GREED. You have worked hard for it, why would you let someone take it away from you? Kinda like preserving berries as JAM. Takes a lot of work to pick them, make the jam and preserve it. Would you be willing to let someone that did NOTHING, made NOTHING and expect to get your hard work for NOTHING. Well, these banks are doing one hell of a job. STEALING you HARD LABOR.

          • johns

            “Trying to save and store your hard earned blood, sweat and tears”.
            You hit the nail on the head Alvin.
            The control of markets in this centralized charade of economics, finacially persecuting those who have given their blood, sweat and tears is the greatest travesty of all.

        • Eric

          As Milton fried man said, “greed is just each individual pursuing their separate interests.”. We’re all greedy. But I can think of no better way to protect one’s self from the vampires while driving a silver bullet through their heart than stacking silver.

        • Brian

          Oh I know what GREED means…I know the fundamentals of what REAL money is too,but its ALL conrolled.

          When I refer to GREED,its some of the schmucks on here who think they are going to get Rich stacking their silver/gold coins,while all the precious metal salesmen pump their heads with false predictions.The ones in control would NEVER allow Silver to reach $100 an ounce.

          Money is what THEY say it is,they control it all and manipulate it.Being in this game over 10 years,its become nothing more than another business.You guys will eventually wake up to it..its all controlled

      • SilverHawk

        That’s the exact same response that Matt Shelley has when he’s called out as a shill. Which he is. And from what that guy said in the article confessing to being a paid shill, it is the standard reply to the accusation. BUSTED.

      • VAPatriot

        Brian the Brain…NOT!!!

  • SilverHawk

    The CRIMEX has run out of “Small Investors” to steal their money. So they recently lowered the contract premiums to try and lure them back. Now, they’re somehow getting advisers, to talk Bearish to get the Physical Holders to sell. Don’t fall for their tricks to separate you from your wealth. Buy as MUCH Physical as you can, and wait for the Fat Lady to sing. She’s walking toward the stage now…

  • SilverHawk

    The RICH are taking their Gold out of the CRIMEX VAULTS.

    I’d say the BULL MARKET is alive and better

  • The Truth

    This Bitcoin story seems like the perfect plan to get everyone to buy into it and then as soon as enough suckers are in. BOOM! CRASHED!!! I will say this, Bitcoin crashing will be the beginning of the silver and gold mania. Max Kaiser will be the buyer of more silver and gold and the seller of Bitcoins. All those who are in Bitcoin from before $20.00 will have to cash out at some time and place their money somewhere. That place will be in assets that are undervalued. I am not against Bitcoin and the genius of those who created it, but history shows GREED is what gets everyone. Remember the housing bubble, Credit Bubble and the Bubble. Beware of the Leaven that is now driving Bitcoins.

    • Ed_B

      I am not a bit coin fan because I like REAL money and not virtual money. I also like real food and real sex as opposed to virtual food and virtual sex! lol

      Just remember one thing, guys and gals… even in a Ponzi scheme there will be a very few people who jump in and out at the right times and make a lot of money. The other 99.999% lose their asses. Caveat Emptor!

    • Lou

      “This Bitcoin story seems like the perfect plan to get everyone to buy into it”

      I know one thing, whatever survives as money over the next decade or so will NOT be paper or electronic. Paper burns and computers can be shut off. The IMF is supposed to be pushing for a new reserve currency to replace the us$. It will be comprised of a basket of current currencies, gold and SDRs. THEY not the USA will get to print and SPEND this new reserve currency.

      Gold, silver and copper have worked for over 5000 years. That is good enough for me.

  • johns

    Opened the “vault” this morning and admired it.

  • Lou

    I fail to see how there is ANY physical available. If I were China I would an unlimited order stepped below the market. China could buy the entire world’s silver production with a few weeks of foreign currency earnings.

  • Robert Johnsson

    -Congrats SGT for thy 50 eagles.
    I find it very difficult to even afford 2 or 3 coins a month! 🙁

    Still…i get whatever coins i can. Eagles are more eXpensive, so Austrian and Maples are the ones to get, even Pandas are cheaper than Eagles…at least In ScandalNavia.
    I Just dont like the QE-II on the Maples…it kind ruins the fun .

    -also i think U.S. Mint are holding back…


  • Kevin J. Pantera

    I am selling some silver bars ten ounces in total, I have another 100 oz or so of these bars. They are Silver Corporation poured bars that are 10% over in weight. They are stamped with the silver mark and numbered (very early bars.) My father (passed away) bought them over 50 years ago and they have passed down in our family. Just testing the market on these two 5oz bars. They will be auctioned off on MAY 6th on line with Silvertowne auctions out of Lipsic OH. These are extremely rare silver bars and if anyone is into collecting early numbered bars these are very rare. Never seen online. They are real Silver (authentic) still have the original Bill of Sale from the company that poured them. Again only testing the waters here and have lots lots more of these. Any interest see you May 6th at the auction.

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