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Trace and Budget This Food Route

by Heather Callaghan, Activist Post:

Vehicle? No — borrowed. Check. Seat moves forward to the pedals? Of course not. Cold torrential downpour. Check. Winds whipping at high speeds. Check. Illegal activity? Check. More on that later. I would say pedal to the metal, but I couldn’t reach them. This is going to be a fun day!

Maybe you can improve my route. I’m finally in a sweet spot where I have options of organic/co-op delivery right to the doorstep, a farm club herd share program, a cheap produce outlet, and any extras like bulk buys and other grocery products from online and at a supermarket. Is all the trouble worth it to avoid processed binges? You decide. Share your tips. Remember this here is only one stage of the treasure hunt.

Cheap Produce Outlet

So Navigator Phone Lady got me to this incredibly inexpensive produce store I heard about. This is not the place to get organic, although it’s possible. This is the place where I get “filler” foods, not necessarily staples, so that I don’t use my entire month’s budget on a week of a few organic bites, know what I mean? That’s just the honest truth for me and a small step toward eating real food from home.

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